Students mourn Chapel Hill shooting

Queens College students honored the lives lost at Chapel Hill, North Carolina in a candlelight vigil on Feb. 18 with a wide attendance of students and faculty members. Groups such as the Muslim Student Association, Project Suns...
by Yarah Shabana


Fifty Shades of Grey tortures viewers with the boring and cliché

“Fifty Shades of Grey” opened on Valentine’s Day weekend and despite being number one at the box office and grossing over $85,000,000, the wildly talked about film fell short of its sexually charged appeal – Unless ...
by Candice Samuels


Students struggle with CUNY snow day policy

Many students looked out the window and called it a day, but Catherine Kim was determined to stay. After her first class ended at 10:15 a.m., the senior hiked through the puddles of snow to the music library to get work done be...
by Yongmin Cho



Muslim students dispel myths about Islam and extremism

The recent attacks in Europe led to a resurgence of the role of Islam in relation to extremism. On Jan. 7, gunmen, all Muslims, attacked the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, a French satirical magazine, which published controv...
by Jordi Sevilla


Report finds first 10 years of working determines lifetime earnings

Growth in lifetime earnings are determined in the first ten years of a worker’s life, said a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released in early February. The report focused on the growth in average income ...
by Brandon Jordan



Sexism runs rampant on

Using an interactive tool with data derived from, the reviews describing male and female professors showed gender bias depending on the word searched. Benjamin Schmidt, assistant professor of history at Nor...
by Fernando Echeverri