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Photo by Jaime Zahl
During elections week, there were allegations of members erasing the tags of other parties

SFC win overshadowed by dishonorable election conduct

Posted  April 22, 2015  by  Jaime Zahl

A mild morning on the vibrant, green lawn of the quad turned into turmoil when classes resumed on April 13 as members of the Independent Alliance and Students for Change confronted one another about each party’s allegedly dirty campaign tactics. In the tradition of election week, each party tagged the sidewalk with chalk murals and […]

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A list of the top 15 fossil fuel companies CUNY invests in, courtesy of FOIA records provided by CUNY Private Prison Divest. As a note to the reader, Petrobras appears twice in the record with $23,600 as another separate investment.

CUNY invests nearly $5 million in fossil fuel companies

Posted  April 22, 2015  by  Fernando Echeverri and Brandon Jordan

CUNY invested more than $4.9 million last year in fossil fuel companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell, according to documents provided by CUNY Prison Divest obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. CUNY Divest, a student-led organization founded in spring 2013, is pushing CUNY to divest from fossil fuels. The group uses […]

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Photo courtesy of Taylor Blanket
The iTones quickly achieved success through different competitions and local performances.
Arts and Entertainment

Spotlight on the iTones: QC’s first official a capella group

Posted  April 22, 2015  by  Candice Samuels

Queens College’s iTones is a co-ed a capella group founded in 2012 by President Taylor Blanket and Vice President Jessica Altieri. A cappella is technically defined as “singing without instrumental accompaniment.” While some groups use their voices to emulate instruments others are more traditional and focus on harmonizing. “I met Jessica in a jazz history […]

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Comedian Ted Alexandro opens up about life as a comedian

Posted  April 22, 2015  by  Guest Contributor

By Alexander Hugel Queens College is known as the alma mater of some of the funniest men in comedy such as the legendary Jerry Seinfeld and Ray Ramono, but it was also the old stomping ground of lesser known comedian Ted Alexandro. A local man born and raised in Bellerose, he attended Queens College during […]

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Photo courtesy of Amanda Goldstein
Anyone may be able to enter the pool offered by the Aquatics Department.

Students and community can get cool in QC’s pool

Posted  April 22, 2015  by  Albert Roman

Did you know there is a pool at Queens College? Not many students are aware of the Olympic sized, 25 yards long and six-lane wide pool located in the Fitzgerald Gymnasium. The Queens College Aquatics Department offers two programs for the pool. The first makes the pool available to students to be used during recreational […]

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