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Evening Reading Series Season Finale

The story line of how acclaimed writer Tom Wolfe, 82, got the material for his favorite—and one of his most famous—works, sounds like the set up for a gag. Wolfe, after seeing an invitation to a fundraising party for the Bl...
by Aliza Chasan

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CUNY Pathways adoption postponed (VIDEO)

The adoption of CUNY Pathways at Queens College was postponed in the Academic Senate meeting held in February. President Muyskens shares his views about the Academic Senates decision and his opinion of the curriculum standardiz...
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College president on retirement (VIDEO)

President Muyskens says his grandchildren will weigh into his plans for retirement. Watch the video to find out if he will retire this year.  
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PSC union members march in the labor day parade in support of the Chicago union teachers strike. PHOTO COURTESY DAVE SANDERS.

Merit Pay: A look from all the angles

Within the CUNY system, professors do not always get what they give, but annually, critical decisions are made at Queens College’s college-wide Tenure and Promotion meeting, which took place between Nov. 5 and Nov. 9. Ins...
by Aliza Chasan

CUNY Chancellor, Matthew Goldstein, addressed the all women audience. PHOTO BY ALIZA CHASAN.

Forum discusses helping women enter world of business

BY ALIZA CHASAN MANHATTAN — An auditorium full of plush, red velvet seats, were filled by a veritable sea of suited women with only two men in sight, besides the bow-tied cameraman. Turning weakness into strength and fear int...
by Aliza Chasan


The Socialist Alternative held a protest in response to student debt and rising tuition costs on The Quad on Oct. 17 which prompted the presence of extra security at the entrances. PHOTO BY DANA AMRAMI.

Increased police presence as Socialist Alternative protests for free education

 n Oct. 17, participants in an anti-debt protest organized by the Socialist Alternative faced the unexpected arrival of security guards and New York Police Department officers who checked for CUNY IDs at the main gate and patr...
by Brandon Jordan

Students with Congressman Steven Israel and Assemblywoman Grace Meng held a rally for affordable tuition on the Quad on Oct. 22. PHOTO BY ALIZA CHASAN.

Tuition hikes addressed again at QC

wings twirled around, students scrambled through blow up obstacle courses and giant hamster balls, with students inside, raced down a track as part of the Student Association’s Fall Fest. As the carnival spanned the length an...
by Aliza Chasan


The new turnstile system has been slowing students in need of the library down. PHOTO BY ALIZA CHASAN.

Securing the Library

tudents without Q-Cards have been blocked from entering the Benjamin Rosenthal Library since Oct. 1 switchover to the turnstile entrance system. Security at the library’s entrance will turn away students without Q-Cards a...
by Aliza Chasan

Knight News columnist Aliza Chasan

50 Shades of Dismay

keep a pharmacy bottle of little blue pills on my desktop. I carry another one filled with little white pills with me at all times. And no, I am not a drug addict of any sort. The pills are for my anxiety disorder. On Oct. 11, ...
by Aliza Chasan


Judgment day for the undocumented

KNIGHT NEWS COLUMNIST: ALIZA CHASAN   Sofia, a student at QC, is safe for two years, but her family isn’t. Sofia is a 21-year-old undocumented immigrant. She asked that her real name not be used, so I came up with Sofia....
by Aliza Chasan



Judgment day for the undocumented

KNIGHT NEWS COLUMNIST: ALIZA CHASAN Sofia, a student at QC, is safe for two years, but her family isn’t. Sofia is a 21-year-old undocumented immigrant. She asked that her real name not be used, so I came up with Sofia. Sofia,...
by Meher Mohsin

Daniel Dromm, chair of the city's immigration committee and city council member, represents the 25th district in Queens where over 65 percent of the population are recent immigrants. Photo by Aliza Chasan

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: The Undocumented Immigrant Version

BY ALIZA CHASAN   Students from Macaulay Honors College played host to a conference on immigration reform in collaboration with Arizona State University on Sept. 28.   The conference — co-conceived and created by Ba...
by Aliza Chasan


Graphic by Aliza Chasan

Disability Awareness this October

BY ALIZA CHASAN   The doors need to be at least 36 inches wide, the corridors at least 48 inches wide and the desk needs to be at least 32 inches high for a wheelchair-bound person to be able to maneuver around an office, ...
by Aliza Chasan


CUNY Pathways sparks discourse, yet again

By Aliza Chasan and Meher Mohsin Imagine a college in the United States — a community college within a university that prides itself on its diversity and immigrant population — suddenly shrinking its English department by ...
by Meher Mohsin


A water main problem and subsequent flooding halted rain garden construction in front of Remsen Hall. Photos by Aliza Chasan.

Rain Garden Floods Quad

By Aliza Chasan   Water flooded a portion of the Quad and the construction area in front of Remsen Hall on Thursday, Sept. 13 due to a water main break.   The construction is part of a larger plan to build green infra...
by Meher Mohsin