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QC Professor Richard Vetere's new novel is titled "The Writer's Afterlife." 
Photo courtesy of Three Rooms Press

Professor’s new novel reaches “the Afterlife”

Scarlet-infused light bulbs illuminated the depths of the West Village’s Le Poisson Rouge lounge as an intimate audience awaited the arrival of veteran writer and Queens College professor, Richard Vetere. Flashes of camera ph...
by Jaime Zahl

Photo of Lago Agrio in Ecuador in 2007, a place still affected by oil contamination by Texaco, later merged into Chevron. The site was one of the issues in the trial, although overlooked as a result of corruption by the defendants.
Photo courtesy of Julien Gomba.

District judge rules Chevron will not pay for environmental damage

A district court judge has ruled Chevron does not need to pay a $9.5 billion settlement determined by an Ecuadorian court in 2011. Due to the judgment being “obtained through illegal means,” Chevron would not have to pay th...
by Brandon Jordan

Stephanie Sucasaca, a member with Socialist Alternative, discusses the importance of International Women's Day at the event.
Photo by Brandon Jordan

Socialist Alternative holds event for Int’l Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Queens College’s Socialist Alternative held a discussion about the state of women for economic justice and equality. Stephanie Sucasaca, member of Socialist Alternative and r...
by Tamar Weinstein


Dr. Herbert THomas (far left) and Director Ruth Thomas-Suh (left) discussing the film before answering the audience's questions with Chris Rafinski (right).
Photo by Brandon Jordan

Documentary discusses consequences of social rejection and acceptance

Images of recent school shootings were displayed on screen for “REJECT,” a documentary by Ruth Thomas-Suh. From Columbine to Newtown, violence in schools was one of the major topics presented in the film. The event, sponsor...
by Brandon Jordan

Starting April 1, free printing will be available in the Rosenthal library
Photo by Ali Abbas

Free printing is back on campus

This is not an April Fools’ joke. Starting April 1, there will be free printing in the Rosenthal Library. “The plan is that students are going to be able to print at the library on all six floors, for free and that would be...
by Andrea Hardalo


This was Darryl Jacobs first season as head coach for Queens College men's basketball team
Photo courtesy by Michael Balestra

New coach brings an improving season

At the beginning of this season, it seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel for the Queens College men’s basketball team. The team lost 12 of their games, both conference and nonconference matches, before gain...
by Andrea Hardalo