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NYPIRG seeks to end dependence on fossil fuels

NYPIRG’s Queens College chapter rallied against fossil fuel dependence during a fundraiser held by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo at the Richard Rodgers Theater. Ali Kirkpatrick, a project coordinator for NYPIRG, serves...
by Phil Vallone

Photo by Amanda Goldstein 
NYPIRG, along with other activist groups at Queens College, continue to uphold the activist spirit of the college.

Legacy of student activism lives on at Queens College

Queens College is known for their student activists’ role not only on campus, but across the U.S. as well. From anti-war rallies to mass sit-ins at buildings, students helped define and change what it means to be an activist ...
by Phil Vallone


College is back in session; Will New Yorkers get a break?

By Tiffany Brown With colleges back in session, many students and their families are wondering if they will get a break on rising college costs. American higher education has seen a dramatic shift in who pays for public college...
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NYPIRG calls for tuition freeze to help CUNY and SUNY students

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a plan that included a “rational tuition” plan for CUNY and SUNY schools in 2011 to increase tuition by $300 every year until 2016. On the same day, SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher praised the sec...
by Brandon Jordan


Reforming the Energy Vision: Our Chance for a Cleaner Future

By Anik Nath, Project Leader of NYPIRG On September 21st, 2014, New York City became the site of the largest march against climate change in human history. The People’s Climate March, attended by over three hundred thousa...
by Guest Contributor



GMO Or No? Consumers can decide for themselves

By Michelle Rojas, project leader of NYPIRG The Washington Post’s editorial board came out with an opinion piece last month in opposition of labeling genetically modified foods. They note that proponents of labeling genet...
by Guest Contributor

Photo courtesy of Nily Rozic
QC's NYPIRG chapter and SA President Raj Maheshwari (right) talked to state representatives in Albany about college investments on Higher Education Day.

NYPIRG rallies in Albany on Higher Education Day

After traveling for hours, more than 300 students throughout New York gathered in Albany on Higher Education Day, Feb. 26, to meet with representatives to discuss college investment. The trip, organized by New York Public Inter...
by Victor Hillegren


NYPIRG Project Coordinator Tiffany Brown starting dialogue after "Big City Life," the Russian Today documentary on homelessness and food insecurity in New York. Photo by Brandon Jordan

NYPIRG examines homelessness and hunger in NYC

The New York Public Interest Research Group emphasized homelessness and hunger in an event on March 26, featuring a short documentary and discussion in Powdermaker Hall. The group elaborated on the significance of the two issue...
by Brandon Jordan

NYPIRG environmental project coordinator Gabe Recchio speaking on the effects of hydrofracking

As New York debates hydrofracking, NYPIRG raises awareness

The New York Public Interest Research Group discussed problems surrounding hydrofracking in the United States with Queens College students on Dec. 9. Entitled “What the Frack?” the event aimed to raise awareness amo...
by Brandon Jordan


Cuomo is a no show at fracking protest

Elaborate costumes, catchy signs and an environmental cause joined hundreds of protestors together at Hudson River Park to give Gov. Andrew Cuomo a clear message: “Ban Fracking Now!” Unfortunately, Cuomo wasn’t around to ...
by Stephanie Chukwuma



Queens College DREAM Team advocates the DREAM Act

The Queens College DREAM Team hosted an event along with the New York Public Interest Research Group and the New York State Youth Leadership Council on Sept.17 to “reach out to the undocumented students on campus and start a ...
by Alex Dediashvili


Broken machines are a concern at the 2013 primary elections

Voters from all over New York showed their concern for broken voter machines on Sept. 10, during the 2013 primary elections. Residents of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens called in to New York Public Interes...
by Stephanie Chukwuma



Experience and Action Defines NYPIRG Members in Albany

The New York Public Interest Research Group at Queens College and other students and NYPIRG members from across CUNY, marched to Albany on March 12 for Higher Education Action Day, where they discussed education with politician...
by Brandon Jordan

Students hold signs to raise awareness about Hydrofracking urging students to petition Cuomo to stop drilling in upstate NY. PHOTO BY STEPHANIE CHUKWUMA.

Students Do the Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake, a viral internet sensation featuring, for the first 15 or so seconds, a lone– often masked– individual dancing and then a group joining in. Groups of people have been recreating this internet sensa...
by Aliza Chasan



Zombie Walk raises awareness about hydrofracking

Ripped shirts, bloody faces, dark stares and pale skin — no, it is not a zombie apocalypse or a scene from “The Walking Dead” — rather, students dressed as zombies as part of New York Public Interest Research Group’s,...
by Stephanie Chukwuma