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Photo by Jordi Sevilla
Author Rupert Isaacson spoke on Oct. 29 about a healing method with children diagnosed with autism.

Rupert Isaacson discusses horse therapy and its effects on autism

The Committee for Disabled Students presented “Autism and Healing with Rupert Isaacson” on October 29 in Rosenthal Library. The presentation served as a means to discuss the healing effects horses have on families with auti...
by Nina Bakoyiannis

Photo by Brandon Jordan
On Oct. 23, a symposium delivered in Rosenthal Library 230 focused on issues like education for black youths in the U.S.

Conference looks ahead and draws lessons from Civil Rights Movement

The Africana Studies Program and the National Congress of Black Women hosted a symposium reflecting on the Civil Rights Movement as well as ways for black youths to progress in terms of education on Oct. 23 in Rosenthal Library...
by Brandon Jordan


Hey CUNY What About Us?

The number of students attending CUNY schools is growing to such high numbers that CUNY officials announced enrollment this year was the highest ever recorded. This is great news, right? More students attending CUNY means more ...
by Albert Roman



Opportunity for all, what students need to know to demand equal rights

The students of Queens College must keep the fire of social justice shining for the future, through activism and knowledge that helps underrepresented groups resist policies that can demean the right to education and economic s...
by Fernando Echeverri


Asbestos found in Razran Hall

Asbestos is being removed from Razran Hall in order to prepare for physics and psychology research lab renovations. The renovations will provide improved and updated laboratory facilities and new lab equipment. Built in 1970, R...
by Candice Samuels


Photo by Jordi Sevilla
Queens College Professor John Tytell became familiar with the Beat Generation after reading some poetry in college.

English Professor releases two books on the Beat Generation

Queens College Professor John Tytell taught English and literature for more than 50 years. He recently released two new books titled “Writing Beat and Other Occasions of Literary Mayhem” and “The Beat Interviews,” which...
by Jordi Sevilla