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New director of dining services, Owen Ranft, has implemented four new options in the Student Union. 
Photo by Melissa Rauch

Dining Services gets a new director

Owen Ranft has taken on the role of director of dining services, having already made some changes to food offered in the Student Union. Four new options have been introduced since his arrival in February, including Sono, Chi Th...
by Charles Lester

Starting April 1, free printing will be available in the Rosenthal library
Photo by Ali Abbas

Free printing is back on campus

This is not an April Fools’ joke. Starting April 1, there will be free printing in the Rosenthal Library. “The plan is that students are going to be able to print at the library on all six floors, for free and that would be...
by Andrea Hardalo

The Curry Kitchen replaces the Chinese and Japanese vendor

Curry Kitchen opens at QC Dining Hall

On Sept. 9, students were able to access new selections of food on the Midway Court side of the cafeteria. On the kosher side of the café, next to the Dairy Stop provides a new station called The Curry Kitchen, which sells Ind...
by Erica Lane



Queens College: A History Series — Student Union: Then and Now

By Monica Palermo News Reporter In the far corner of the campus, facing Kissena Blvd, stands the Student Union; a place for students to gather, eat and relax with their friends between classes. This was the purpose conceived by...
by admin


Student Gov’t Disparity

By Melanie Bencosme Columnist Queens College student government elections scream that the campus desperately needs a change, in election results and in student association, but every year it remains the same. With a school of c...
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Jenn Jarvis Revokes GLASA's Lock, Despite Unresolved Hate Crime

Fred Magovern Staff Reporter Jennifer Jarvis, executive director of student development, has revoked the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Alliance’s ability to lock their door, despite having previously authorized it in response to ...
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