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    QC’s Mizrahi LEAD Amasses $2359 in Student Fundraising

    It is no secret that Queens College has an abundance of Jewish full-time students. Typically found in the Hillel Center, the Chabad house only two minutes away from campus or in the Small Dining Hall, there are countless organizations serving the Jewish community here on campus. Some of these Jewish students come together once a week as part of the Mizrahi LEAD program. Manashe Khaimov, the current “Director of Community Organizing and Development of Queens College Hillel” as well as the founder of at QC, explained, “Mizrahi LEAD’s (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development) goal is to cultivate and nurture Mizrahi Jewish students, who are committed to the Jewish community on the…

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    OP-ED: BDS: The Underlying Truth

    The transition from high school to college can be daunting; when you leave the secure bubble of your hometown to travel to a space where all religions, beliefs, movements, clubs and words are accepted, you sometimes don’t know how to respond to the change. Finding the right words and knowing the facts can be essential to finding your niche on campus. One of these aforementioned movements is called BDS—Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. This movement rejects and undermines Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state by misinforming the public and distorting the media. Co-Founder of the BDS movement, Omar Al-Barghouti, clearly states BDS’s ultimate view of a Jewish state: “I…

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    SA President Carmine Couloute Says Goodbye to QC

    “Hopefully, the legacy that I’ve left behind is that nothing is impossible. If you have a dream, an event, you should be able to do it, and nobody should be able to stop you,” remarked Student Association (SA) President Carmine Couloute. Couloute, a senior majoring in political science and sociology, is set to graduate this semester. She recently took the time to reflect on her senior year, the projects she takes the most pride in and the people who helped her throughout her journey. For those who are not as familiar with the job of SA President, Couloute was happy to break it down for the readers. She explained, “Being…

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    Accelerated master’s programs now offered at QC

    Queens College is now offering accelerated master’s programs to students seeking to decrease the cost and duration of time it will take them to earn their graduate degree. As of now, 26 of these programs are to be available for students who qualify, covering a significant number of the graduate-level degree and certificate programs currently offered at QC. In the college’s 2019 Biennial Report, outgoing President Felix V. Matos Rodriguez makes mention of this new effort, which accompanies another initiative, QC in 4, centered around expediting students’ paths toward their degrees. “In keeping with the Strategic Plan, we are facilitating student success are the undergraduate and graduate level,” says Matos.…

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    The Asian/American Center Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

    On May 1, the Asian/American Center at Queens College held a celebration for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month at the Q-Side Lounge at the Dining Hall during free hour. A presentation was held honoring the students receiving the A/AC scholarship award and also awarding students and benefactors of the A/AC. Following the award ceremony, guest speaker Carl Takei, Esq., presented his speech, “Asian Americans, White Supremacy and the Importance of Solidarity.” After Takei’s speech, members of the A/AC’s student council read aloud their personal reflections about their experience as an Asian American. The celebration started with “Silk and Bamboo” music played by Professor Liu Li and Professor Chen Tao, members…