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    OP-ED: Are Students Willing to Return to Campus This Upcoming Fall?

    As protesters took to the streets outside Queens College on Sat. June 6, one of the prominent questions of the summer once again flashed through the minds of hundreds of protestors, most of whom were Queens College students; if people are marching shoulder-to-shoulder on Kissena Boulevard, will in-person classes resume this fall? Although this topic has been discussed thoroughly among students and faculty, opinions remain uncertain and diverse: “It seems that every day we hear new things” said Josh Simanowitz, a Senior majoring in Political Science. “Only time will tell. I can’t know if I would feel safe returning to classes in the fall.” Since the Coronavirus pandemic has swept…

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    OP-ED: Fighting Academic Dishonesty During a Pandemic: How We Fared

    It is safe to say that COVID-19 gave 2020 a tumultuous start. It disposed of the hopeful nature that follows the beginning of any new year and left the entire world uncertain about what awaited in the future. When the virus first started picking up in the U.S., it felt as though every day brought a new surprise. Arguably the most shocking development was the reaction of academic institutions across the country. In a blink of an eye, all public schooling and higher education went completely virtual, including Queens College. As necessary as this decision was for the wellbeing of its students and faculty, remote learning incited issues that inevitably…

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    OP-ED: Are QC students taking advantage of the CR/No CR policy?

    In the wake of COVID-19 which led CUNY Queens College to close its campus, students began to ask for a change within the grading policy. The main argument being that many students will face food and housing insecurity as a result of campus closure. As well as the fact that many students don’t have unlimited access to technological resources when off campus, which suddenly were deemed necessary to complete coursework. This, of course, would prove to have a huge impact on the grades that students would receive this spring semester.  Eventually, The CUNY Board of Trustees approved a policy that allows students to enter in a grade of CR (credit),…

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    Are CUNY Students Going to See the Effects of the Health and Wellness Fee?

    The CUNY Board of Trustees has voted to increase the tuition once again, this time by $120, putting the extra money towards health and wellness resources. The resources will be put towards facilities such as mental health counseling, women’s healthcare products, and more. Having more resources on campus, a place that’s supposed to be a “home away from home” is going to be a big improvement, but students are demanding to see the changes.  “Right now we have STD testing, flu shots, and other routine vaccinations, pain relievers. We’re able to check blood pressure, temperature, and do pregnancy tests,” said Kalua, the Queens College mental health center’s office assistant. “We’re…

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    OP-ED: A reflection on anti-semitism

    When I was in high school, I always thought college was a place where everyone could be themselves. Where there was a spot for everyone from all corners of the world. What I never dreamed of learning is how anti-Semitic some schools are. Shortly after I became a college student, I learned that many schools are guilty of condoning hatred and bullying, as long as the acts are directed at the Jewish population. For whatever reason, I and so many others have become the scapegoats for thousands of xenophobic attacks, both inside and outside of the classroom, all of which have pretty much never been punished. But it seems hypocritical…