Staff Directory

(Outgoing) Editor-in-Chief: Holden Velasco

(Outgoing) Managing Editor: Sammy Ali

(Outgoing) Treasurer and Multimedia Consultant: Edwin Di Geronimo Hernandez

Secretary: Michael Finch

Senior Editor: Manuela Quiceno

General Editor (incoming Managing Editor): Aida Quevedo

General Editor: Emily Yusupova

General Editor (incoming Treasurer): Rachel Pakan

Entertainment Editor: Noelle Richard

Traffic Editor: Jessica Calvo

Senior Reporter (incoming Editor-in-Chief): William Kuzma

Staff Reporter: Jessica Calvo

Staff Reporters and Columnists TBD for Spring 2024

Reporter Interns: Charon Fitzgerald, Apolline Lamy, Andrea Rivera, Brendon DePuy, Fernando Ronconi, and Varisha Hassan

Multimedia Supervisor and Videographer: Charlie Ehrman

Multimedia department participants TBD for Spring 2024

Multimedia Intern: Bianca DaSilva

Outreach and Social Media Manager: Abeer Muthana

Marketing and Outreach Specialist: AJ Johnson

Marketing and Outreach Specialist: Ali Dansoko

Marketing and Outreach Specialist: Tania Ahmed

Social Media Interns: Jessica Alejo and Chloe Huq

Layout Editor and Webmaster: Adriana Padilla Duran

Layout Designer: Joseph Samoles

Layout Designer: Tania Ahmed

Layout Designer: Tiffany Depena

Cartoonist: Kiassa Rasberry

Cartoonist: Madison Saillant

Cartoonist: Michele Borg

Faculty Advisor: Professor Jason Tougaw