The Knight News Staff for 2015-2016

Editorial Board

 Phil Vallone, Editor-in-Chief










Phil is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Journalism. He is also a Marine Corps veteran who served in Afghanistan in 2013. He covers events and activism at CUNY. You can follow him on Twitter @philvallone or on Facebook at Contact him at philvallo[at]


Christina Cardona, Executive Editor


Christina is a senior majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Journalism. She covers soft news such as events, and enjoys arts and entertainment articles. When she is not persuading everyone she knows that girls can do anything boys can do, she enjoys doing yoga and is a neighborhood dog walker. You can email her at christina[at]

Cheyna Mulligan, Managing Editor










Cheyna Mulligan is a junior majoring in Media Studies. Email her at cheyna[at]

David Rafailovich, Managing Editor









David is a freshman and plans to major in english and media studies. David writes the movie review for each issue and loves to watch films. When David is not watching films, he loves obsessing over them.

Asher Horovitz, Copy Editor










Asher Horovitz is a sophomore majoring in media studies. He loves reading, writing, and music. Send him a hot tip or a compliment on the shirt he’s wearing in his picture by emailing asher[at]

Daria Kaczorowska, Copy Editor

Daria Kaczorowska is a junior majoring in Elementary Education and English, with a minor in Economics. She likes to write on all things education-related and is an avid science geek. Email her at daria[at]

Amanda Goldstein, Photo Editor

Amanda is a junior majoring in Biology. While her main passion is animals, she also dabbles in photography in her free time. She works at Walt Disney World during the school breaks and she also interns at the Queens Zoo in Corona. She enjoys binge-watching TV shows on Netflix and baking for friends. You can contact her at amanda[at]

Yarah Shabana, Social Media Editor


Yarah is a junior majoring in Media Studies with minors journalism, psychology, and business. In her free time, she reads, sings, and tweets as much about feminism as she can. She’s also passionate about different cultures and faiths of the world and loves the bits and pieces of languages she’s exposed to. She works for the Three Faiths Forum giving speeches to high school students about how accepting they should be towards people with different beliefs than theirs. Email her at yarah[at]


Jacob Cohen










Jake Cohen is a Long Island native with an encyclopedic knowledge of Chris Claremont’s run on X-Men and other useless pop culture trivia. In his spare time he enjoys puppies, kitties, and sandwiches.

Oyinkansola Falana










Oyinkansola Falana is a senior majoring in Media Studies with minors in Political Science and Journalism. She loves reading, traveling, and watching crime shows. She can be contacted at oyinkansola[at]

Erica Marie Finocchio


Erica Marie Finocchio is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Journalism. She believes in following your dreams so you can be what you want in life. If you work hard enough you will achieve what you wish for. Email her at erica[at]

Bianca He










Bianca is an exchange student from China. She now studies English and Journalism as a junior at Queens College. She loves sharing stories and plans to stay in the U.S. for journalism graduate school. In her spare time, she plays guitar, exercises and explores the city with her camera. She loves to cover hard news and sees how the truth brings changes to people’s lives. You can contact her at bianca[at]

 Brandon Hernandez










Brandon Hernandez is a junior majoring in English.On his spare time he is usually reading or watching sports. He enjoys traveling, gaming, and staying at home with his dog.  He can be reached at bhernandez[at]

Lea Passione










Lea is a junior majoring in theater and minoring in journalism.  On her spare time, you can find her reading, listening to music, dancing, hanging out with friends and family, or watching Broadway shows.  She can be contacted at lea[at]

Christopher Perez










Christopher is a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in Journalism. He is a political junkie who follows the news 24/7. His favorite issues are foreign policies, identity politics, and social issues. He also enjoys anime, video games, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and a good book or comic. He covers events that concern CUNY. Post graduation, he plans to cover politics from around the world. He also plans to write his own comic book. You can follow him on Twitter @OpenMindedChris. Contact him at Christopher[at]

Shira Rosner

Shira Rosner is a freshman who is interested in majoring in Media Studies as well as minoring in Journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys the fine art of binge-watching television series on Netflix. Shira can be reached at shira[at]

Sara Scheidlinger


Sara Scheidlinger is a freshman who is focusing her studies on the pre–med track and plans to minor in Journalism. She loves reading anything Harry Potter related and traveling abroad. In her spare time she blogs on the You can reach her at sara[at]

 Michael Trindad


Michael Trinidad is a sophomore who majors in Media Studies and minors in journalism. He loves sports and believes in the idea of analyzing every major and minor detail before a sports game occurs. Can be contacted at michael[at]

Graphic Designers

Devin Lee

Bobby Soohoo









Bobby is a junior majoring in Graphic Design with a concentration in animation. He has an A.A.S degree from Kingsborough andus  pursuing a bachelor’s in the same major. He loves watching cartoons, playing Pokemon games and solving every rubik’s cube from 2×2 all the way to 10×10.

Melisa Tekin

Headshots by Amanda Goldstein and Jonathan Baron