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“From Queens to France: Teaching Abroad with TAPIF” by Sammy Ali

Join Sammy Ali and Professor Paul Fadoul as they engage in a conversation with Marina Ramirez, a Queens College graduate, about her extraordinary experience teaching English in France.

Episode correction: One does not need a BA to be eligible for TAPIF. See the TAPIF eligibility requirements here.

“The Way Back”

In this episode, three childhood friends (Paula, Zaira and Grazelle) shared an unforgettable immigrant
story. A story of how fate brought them together later in life. From learning how to speak English to figuring out how to live in a busy city at a young age. Every immigrant has a story of their own that shaped them who they are today, this is one of ours.

“The Swiftcast” by Alessia Pisicchio

On this episode of the Swiftcast, Alessia Pisicchio sits down with Marisa Kratzke to discuss what happened the day(s) of the Era’s Tour Presale(s). One friend succeeding at getting tickets and another deceived by the promise of the CapitalOne sale left there to be confusion when thinking of how precise you had to be to secure tickets to the show.With the corruption of the presale, Ticketmaster had left thousands of fans without tickets with little to no explanation. Comparing strategies and talking about what each’s experiences were like in the presale, this conversation is guided through the love of Swift’s music that both will remember all too well. Both informational and truthful, exploring the events that took place during the presale helps those who did not get tickets get a glimpse of what was on “The Other Side of the Door”.

“Cured By a Spell”

Who needs a doctor’s appointment when you have a witch doctor for a neighbor? This episode is based on a true story that took place in the Philippines during my childhood. This interview with my mother led me to dive deep into the history of Witch Doctors and Siquijor Island, the infamous island that leaves locals, travelers and tourists to wonder, is it a form of sorcery or treatment?

“La Lingua e La Vita” by Alessia Pisicchio

On this episode of Life and Language, Alessia Pisicchio explores the Sicilian dialect and why it seems to be dying out in Sicily but expanding in other places in unique ways. She tells her story about what it was like traveling to Sicily and not being able to fully communicate with cousins her age because of the language barrier between proper Italian and the Sicilian Dialect. She continuously became curious as to why this has happened throughout the remainder of the trip. Alongside others perspectives including her mom, Rosalia Pisicchio and cousins Daniela DiSclafani and Giovanni Battista Cangialosi, their stories help express what is happening to the Sicilian Dialect, giving it much needed attention. Throughout modern society in Sicily, it is discovered how the language seems to create a barrier preventing newer generations from using the Sicilian dialect as their primary language. This podcast explores why this occurs and will continue to over future generations. The Sicilian language is dying but, can it be prevented and saved? Music in this episode comes from creators Mario Carbone, Richard Sclafani and Richard Petsi.

“One Step Ahead of the Nazis: Joseph Sungolowsky” by
Sammy Ali

Sammy Ali talks to Joseph Sungolowsky about his extraordinary life. Sungolowsky is a Holocaust survivor turned esteemed Professor of French Literature and Jewish Studies at Queens College. Join us as we follow his harrowing journey of survival, resilience, and hope as he outwitted the Nazis, assumed false identities, and even found refuge in a Catholic boarding school. 

“Unlacing our Shoes, Episode 2” by Holden Velasco

Holden Velasco sits down with Dennis Velasco, the Memphis City Director for Pro Skills Basketball, to discuss the culture of coaching youth basketball. Dennis Velasco is the Memphis City Director for Pro Skills Basketball (PSB), a youth basketball program. As a Jr. NBA Flagship organization, PSB’s main goal is to develop their players and provide the best experience possible for their players and families. Velasco talks about how PSB does this, as well as the backwards culture in AAU basketball, among other relevant topics. Bringing decades of basketball knowledge, Velasco shares his insight on what it’s like coaching youth basketball. Music Credit: “These Dreams” by Arlo Young and “Mover” by Carvings. Supplementary music is “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” by Jimi Hendrix and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.

“Unlacing our Shoes” by Holden Velasco

This week on QC POD, we feature an episode of Holden Velasco’s “Unlacing Our Shoes”—a podcast that humanizes athletes. Velasco, Editor-in-Chief for The Knight News, interviews QC basketball player Jayden Seraphin. Velasco and Seraphin both lost their mothers at an early age. They discuss the impact of this loss on their lives and athletics.

“The Freshman Year Experience Program” by Jason Tougaw

Today, English Professor Jason Tougaw sits down with Jorge Velez, Assistant Director of the Freshman Year Experience Program, and peer mentor Rihanna Headley-to talk about what every student new to Queens College should know. Take a listen.

“The Rise of AI: How a Board Game Changed the World” by Sammy Ali

Today, we log into the rapidly growing world of artificial intelligence and discuss Chatbot CPT, its impact on just about everything–including you. Take a listen.

“Sounds of the 20th Century: The History of Audio” by Sammy Ali

In this episode of the QC Pod on the Knight News, Managing Editor Sammy Ali discusses the history of radio, and traces the lineage of sounds from the 20th century.

“Campus Reopening” by Nev Yakubov

Nev Yakubov takes the end of the semester as on occasion to look back on campus reopening.

“United States Foreign Language Deficit” by Sammy Ali

We join Sammy Ali to learn about language in America. Sammy speaks with William McClure, Dean of Arts and Humanities and Professor of Japanese at Queens College about diversity on campus, why speaking multiple languages isn’t more prominent, and how language barriers affect the country. 

“Write or Die Part 2 ” by Nev Yakubov

Nev Yakubov is back with the second part of her podcast debut, Write or Die, continuing her discussion on Asian American writers.

“Write or Die” by Nev Yakubov

Nev Yakubov introduces the first episode of her new series, Write Or Die, giving us a look at a debate between two great Asian American writers.

“Writing in Queens with Catherine LaSota” by Jason Tougaw

Catherine LaSota—founder of The Resort LIC Writers’ Community—joins Jason Tougaw in the QC POD to discuss community building, pro-tips for running events that tap into your happy place, her history, and more.

“Omme Bangush Presents: Truth Unveiled” by Omme Bangush

Omme Bangush is a senior at Queens College, introducing her new podcast, Truth Unveiled. On her first episode titled Home Invasion, Omme interviews York College student Surriya Azizi about her experience witnessing the August 26, 2021 bombing of the Kabul airport and her experience in Afghanistan during the period when the Taliban seized control.

“Swarthmore v. Queens” by Sabrina Testi

Latine students compare their university experiences at a fancy private college versus public school.

“Dr. Mick Interview” by Anthony Borrelli

Dr. Mick joins the QC Pod to discuss mental health through the lens of video games.

“Riot Woman (Eleanor Whitney)” by Amy Herzog and Jason Tougaw

Eleanor Whitney talks about her new book Riot Woman and the culture.

“In the Cut with Jonathan Leon” by Jonathan Leon

Today on the QC POD, we’re shining a spotlight on one of our students’ new projects. Part of our mission is to give CUNY students a platform to express themselves creatively, and today we want to present Jonathan Leon’s new podcast, “In the Cut,” which focuses on the intersection of sports and content creation. In today’s episode, Jonathan interviews Laker’s content creator Brayden Figeuroa. You can subscribe to Jonathan’s podcast by searching for “In the Cut” on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

“Bob Dylan & the Electrification of Folk Music” by Johnny Sullivan

On this episode of the QC Pod, Editor-in-Chief of the Knight News, Johnny Sullivan, defends Bob Dylan of the accusation that he and he alone was responsible for the electrification of folk music. Join Johnny on a journey through the history of transformations of folk, and his opinions on the artists involved.

“How Has the Pandemic Affected Education?” by Sammy Ali

On this episode of the QC Podcast, Sammy Ali is joined by Dr. Bobbie Kabuto, department chair of the elementary and early childhood education department at Queens College, to discuss how the pandemic has affected education in the country. After a year of education taking a back seat to safety, students are now facing insurmountable learning challenges. With the lingering effects of the Covid-19 crisis still impacting many communities, the two will discuss the learning barriers exacerbated throughout the last year and the lasting effects it will have, especially in low-income areas.

“TV Theme Songs” by Salia Hovanec

On this episode of the QC Podcast, Salia Hovanec sits down with her friend Brendan to discuss an often overlooked genre of music: TV theme songs. From a thematic guessing game, to a look at theme songs that capture the tone of shows such as Cowboy Bebop and Mad Men, Salia and Brendan take a look at what makes these songs tick.

“Steven Universe” by Nathalie Avalo

On this episode of the QC pod, Natalie Avals talks about how the animated television show Steven Universe teaches lessons on mental wellness. From magical musical numbers, to grounded scenes of dialogue, Natalie takes us through her journey with a show aimed at teaching kids and young adults lessons on mental health, relationships, and supporting emotional intelligence.

“The Stock Market (Ivy Huang)” by Hanme Cho

This spring, stock market investment took America by storm. It’s never been easier to invest (and lose) money trading without understanding what is happening.In this episode, the QC Pod’s Hanme Cho sits down with Prof Ivy Huang (Accounting and Information Systems) to learn about the stock market.

“David & Xavier Talk NBA” by David Middleton and Xavier George

In this episode of the QC Pod, David Middleton discussed professional basketball with Xavier George talk professional basketball.

“Undergraduate Research (Zakari & Evans)” by Sidd Malviya

In this episode of the QC Pod, Sidd Malviya interviews Zahra Zakari (Biology) and Cherice Evans (Chemistry) about the craft of research, and opportunities for undergraduates who are interested in doing research. Producer Eden Ayala.

“Why Do We Love True Crime?” by Eden Ayala

The QC Pod’s Eden Ayala explores our obsession with the true crime genre. What is it that captivates people? She engages these questions in an interview with True Crime author and Queens College Professor Harold Schechter.

“Queens College’s Counseling Services” by Samantha Galvez-Montiel

Queens College’s Office of Counseling Services is available to talk to students about personal things (relationships, family issues, shyness), school issues (difficulty studying, financial aid appeals), or just about anything else. Many students don’t know it is available, or how it can help. In today’s episode of the QC Pod, Samatha Galvez-Montiel sits down with Counseling Center Director Barbara Moore.

“QC Analytics Wins at UN Hackathon” by Eden Ayala

Queens College Data Analytics just won at a Global Hackathon sponsored by the United Nations! In this episode, the Queens Podcast Lab’s Eden Ayala sits down with the winning team: Esther Jenaro Rabadan, Rachel Ramphal, and Habiba Aziz.

“Ann Powers” by Jason Tougaw

Music journalist Ann Powers was a guest in The Knight News Visiting Journalists Series. Afterwards, she sat down with Jason Tougaw to talk music towns, the role of pleasure and love in music criticism, the racial politics of American music, her close encounters with Prince, Tori Amos, and Bono—and a whole lot more.

Ann Powers is NPR Music’s critic and correspondent. She writes for NPR’s music news blog, The Record, and she can be heard on NPR’s newsmagazines and music programs. One of the nation’s most notable music critics, Powers served as chief pop music critic at the Los Angeles Times from 2006 until she joined NPR in 2011. From 1997 to 2001 Powers was a pop critic at The New York Times and before that worked as a senior editor at the Village Voice. Powers’s books include Weird Like Us: My Bohemian America and Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music.

“Political Rage and the Media” by Samantha Galvez-Montiel

In this episode, QC student and Knight News journalist Samantha Galvez-Montiel interviews Media Studies faculty member Benjamin Strassfield about the Capitol Hill Invasion and America’s increasingly fraught political culture.

“CUNY, Cutbacks, and Threats to Social Mobility” by Jason Tougaw

We talk with Urban Studies professor Natalie Vena and pre-dentistry student Tiara Miller about CUNY’s social justice mission, what it has made possible in their own lives, chronic underfunding, and the future of this powerful institution of social mobility. Host Jason Tougaw.

“Learning about COVID19 with John Dennehy” by Hanme Cho

COVID-19 has turned Queens College campus upside down. Fortunately, Queens College has expert virologist John Dennehy, QC biologist and head of the Dennehy Lab, to explain the virus to us. Our host, Hanme Cho, asks Prof. Dennehy about the virus, its epidemic, the vaccine, and more.

“Life as a New York Journalist with Amir Khafagy” by Jason Tougaw

In this episode of the QC Pod, we meet Amir Khafagy, freelance journalist and QC graduate with a B.A. and M.A. in Urban Studies from Queens College. Khafagy’s writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Vice, Bloomberg, and City Limits. He’s the recipient of The New Economics Reporting Fellowship and the Asian American Writers Workshop Open City Fellowship. Born and raised in Jackson Heights, much of his work explores the intersections of Labor, Race, Class, Immigration, and Urban Development.

“Campus Labor Relations” by Siddharth Malviya

In this episode of the QC Pod, we meet two campus labor leaders to discuss the current state of labor relations between campus faculty and executives. Jane Guskin is an adjunct in the Urban Studies department at Queens College, a PSC delegate, and co-founder of QC Adjuncts Unite.

“Inside Weill Cornell’s COVID-19 Testing Lab” by Jason Tougaw

Ever wondered what happens to the sample after that swab invades your nasal passages? On this week’s episode of the QC Pod, we meet Kathy Fauntleroy, Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor at New York Presbyterian Hospital by day–and MFA in Creative Nonfiction student by night.

“Doomsday Preppers in New York City” by Joseph Cohen

On today’s episode of the QC Pod, we meet Prof. Anna Bounds (Sociology) to discuss doomsday preparation in New York City. Prof. Bounds is the author of Bracing for the Apocalypse: An Ethnographic Study of New York’s ‘Prepper’ Subculture (Routledge).

“Applying to Graduate School” by Joseph Cohen

Queens College has a history of placing its undergraduates into world-famous graduate degree programs. In today’s episode, we talk to Robin Rogers (Associate Professor of Sociology), a former Director of Queens College’s Honors Program and a mentor to many students on the path to advanced degrees.

“QC Poet Ariel Francisco” by Jason Tougaw

Queens College is renowned for the multilingualism of our students, with more than 130 languages spoken on campus. Ariel Francisco is one of those students. He’s a poet studying translation in the MFA Program in Creative Writing and Literary Translation. He’s also the author of three books of poetry, A Sinking Ship is Still a Ship (Burrow Press, 2020), All My Heroes Are Broke (C&R Press, 2017) which was named one of the 8 Best Latino Books of 2017 by Rigoberto Gonzalez, and Before Snowfall, After Rain (Glass Poetry Press, 2016). Ariel Francisco joins Jason Tougaw on QC POD to talk about his poetry, translating Latin American poets (including his father), growing up in Miami, after being born to Dominican and Guatemalan parents in the Bronx. He also does us the honor of reading some of his poems.

“Succeeding in Online Learning” by Joseph Cohen

COVID19 has pushed school online, and learning online is a new experience for a lot of students. In today’s episode of the QC Pod, we talk to Queens College’s educational technology gurus — Eva Fernandez and Michelle Fraboni — to discuss how students succeed while studying online. Eva Fernandez is Queens College’s Associate Provost for Innovation and Student Success, and a Professor of Linguistics and Communications. Michelle Fraboni is an Assistant Professor of Education at Queens College. They are, respectively, the former and current Directors of Queens College’s Center for Teaching and Learning. For more tips and information on College resources, visit Queens College’s Center for Teaching and Learning.

“The Women of Generation X” by Joseph Cohen

In today’s episode of the QC Pod, we meet with Professor Robin Rogers from the Department of Sociology to discuss her research on the women of Generation X. The young women of the 1990s and 2000s were told that they could do everything that men could do, but were their expectations of a better life fulfilled? Are there lessons for younger generations?

“Teaching During COVID” by Joseph Cohen

In today’s episode of the QC Pod, we talk to Eva Fernandez and Michelle Fraboni, two of Queens College’s teaching and technologies gurus, about how to serve our students while COVID19 forces us online. Eva Fernandez is Queens College’s Associate Provost for Innovation and Student Success, and a Professor of Linguistics and Communications. Michelle Fraboni is an Assistant Professor of Education at Queens College. They are, respectively, the former and current Directors of Queens College’s Center for Teaching and Learning. For more tips and information on College resources, visit Queens College’s Center for Teaching and Learning.

“QC Data Analytics in the 1990s” by Joseph Cohen and Ryan Sperry

Professor Mindy Rhindress is a valued faculty member and Mentor-in-Residence at Queens College’s Program in Data Analytics and Applied Social Research. She is also one of her program’s highly-successful alumni, with a very successful corporate career that culminated in a senior executive at the major marketing research firm Abt Associates. In our inaugural episode of The QC Pod, we ask Professor Rhindress what it was like to study analytics back in the 1990s. She talks about how QC students were trained to evangelize the idea that enterprises should give all their knowledge workers a computer of their own, and should teach people to use them!