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    OP-ED: How do we protect our children?

    Trigger Warning (for those parties sensitive to assault) By: Samantha Galvez-Montiel Long Island sports coach Sean Johnsen had inappropriate contact with a 16-year-old girl on August 17 and 21, according to Nassau County Police. He was charged with two counts of third-degree rape, two counts of the third-degree criminal sex act, and endangering the welfare of a child. Johnsen is set to be arraigned November 6th in Mineola. Bluntly speaking, Johnsen is a 35-year-old man that raped a young girl of 16-years-old. There’s the major question of what prompts people to do such a thing and we have to note that rape is a mostly man’s problem.   According to a…

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    The solution to narrow the digital divide is to reframe “Access”

    Schools in the 21st century are still being treated as money-making machines. As public schools in the U.S. become more and more diverse, inequities and injustices still exist within our schools, societies, and world. As technology advances, we believe that it is an important tool children should become accustomed to using at a young age. However, technological progress does not equal social progress. As we distribute technology, we are also contributing to inequities, as the methods by which teachers use said technology in the classroom varies. Essentially, not every child is going to receive a technological education up to par with others, especially if access to this technology is limited…

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    An insider’s look into the world of beauty editing with Vogue’s Celia Ellenberg

    The Knight News kicked off it’s highly anticipated virtual speaker series with esteemed guest Celia Ellenberg, beauty director of Vogue. On Wednesday, October 21st, Ellenberg appeared on zoom with a warm smile and was more than willing to share her vast knowledge and experience of being in the beauty industry for 15+ years.  Ellenberg grew up in Philadelphia and went to Washington University in Saint Louis for her Bachelor’s degree and later went to Oxford University to study literature. As a 22-year-old straight out of college, Ellenberg recalls being the oldest intern when she started work in NYC. Although being an intern wasn’t financially fruitful, she did three part-time jobs…

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    Queens College Student Association instigates outrage in Jewish student community

    On October 14, 2020, a dramatic uproar rose from the QC Jewish community when students learned that social activist and notorious anti-Semite, Tamika Mallory, was a guest speaker at an event held by the Queens College Student Association (SA). The Knight News conducted a thorough investigation on the allegations at hand and spoke to local leaders in the QC Jewish community for their take on the matter.  According to the Washington Post, Mallory was asked to resign from the 2019 Women’s March over allegations of antisemitism, yet it is public speculation that her term had already expired prior to the request that she step down. Mallory’s controversy dates back to…

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    How CUNY students impacted the 2020 election cycle

    The civic engagement this election cycle was unlike any other. With the City University of New York’s (CUNY) student body being some of the most vulnerable people to the consequences of public policy, it’s no surprise that student advocates took to organizing this year.  The Knight News spoke to Navjot Pal Kaur, a CUNY Baruch College graduate in political science who was extremely active this election cycle. Kaur is described as an “organizer by trade” by Smitha Varghese, former legislative director of the University Student Senate. Kaur talked about the various ways she went out to encourage people to vote, from calling citizens in her local district to directly knocking…

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