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    #NoDenyingIt: The Claims Conference’s Fight Against Facebook

    Facebook’s Community Standards Policy aims to remove abusive or harmful behavior found on the site, but does that apply to all types of behavior? The Claims Conference, a Holocaust survivor resource organization, recently started a campaign entitled #NoDenyingIt to call out Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, for not declaring that Holocaust denial is a form of hate speech in the Community Standards Policy.  The Claims Conference is one of the only entities that negotiates on behalf of Holocaust survivors with the German government for items such as compensation payments, pension payments, and health care. This is something that’s been going on since the year 1952 and it is not…

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    The unfortunate reality of an online college education

    Whether it be from dining room tables turned work desks or the comfort of one’s own bed, students in Anthropology 238 made sure to log into their twice-a-week Zoom session at 1:40 PM. It was another hour and 15 minutes spent trying to avoid the temptation other avenues of the internet bring, all whilst zeroing in on the voice emanating from one of the 20-something virtual boxes.  The professor, who left Queens, NY for Pennsylvania during the pandemic, was in the middle of his lecture until he no longer was. He couldn’t be, not after a bear wandering into his backyard caught his attention.  The professor let out a genuine…

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    Sheriff Deputy is Fired After a Video is Released of Him Beating a Man Goes Viral

    On September 13th, a video was released of Sheriff Victor Hill from the Clayton County Police Department beating a black man named Roderick Walker. The video went viral and gained a lot of media coverage, resulting in the firing of the Sheriff deputy. The deputies involved in the case are being investigated and are facing charges.  This incident occurred after Walker and his family returned a rental car and were stopped by police for a tail-light violation. According to Hill’s lawyer, Shean Williams, Walker told the deputies that he “didn’t do anything wrong before they told him to exit the car.” This incident is what supposedly led to the officers’…

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    A war on two fronts: the United Kingdom’s protracted divorce from the European Union has been made all the more complicated by the ever-intrusive pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has spared no nation in the world, especially the United Kingdom (UK). According to UK government records, as of September 25, just under 42,000 people have succumbed to the disease (a figure that doesn’t include some deaths in Scotland, due to a recent power outage at their offices). As they continue to grapple with the public health crisis, the UK must also contend with the complications brought on by Brexit, the now-popular term referring to their ongoing split from the European Union.…

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    Whistleblower Exposes ICE For Performing Mass Hysterectomies

    CW: The following article details invasive forms of medical abuse  On September 14th, a whistleblower named Dawn Wooten claimed that The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center facility, where she was a nurse, had been performing mass hysterectomies on female detainees. This is not the first time that this type of gender oppression and forced sterilization has occurred in America’s long history of aggression toward minority groups. According to a report from The Associated Press, more migrant women have since come forward and confirmed that they did not consent or agree to the procedure. Immigration attorneys have begun to interview female detainees in response to a 27…

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