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    Letter to the Editor: Breakdown of Student Activity fees

    The Queens College Office of Communications and Marketing responded to an OP-ED published in September, entitled “Are Student Activity and Technology Fees Necessary for an Online Semester?” The letter below is a explanation of how Student Activity fees are being allocated and utilized. Any inquiries regarding this letter to the editor can be emailed to Jay.Hershenson@qc.cuny.edu. This article questioned the need for student fees when classes are being held primarily online during the Fall 2020 semester. Specifically, the article cited the lack of transparency in how these fees are being allocated during the Fall 2020 semester. On August 27, the Office of Communications and Marketing posted a comprehensive document, “The…

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    Bridging the divide: Student Advisory Boards

    With the gradual disappearance of the Student Association on the Queens College (QC) campus, it’s imperative that now, more than ever, students remain connected to the administration. After all, if students are going to proceed through semesters of rigorous coursework, it’s only fair that there be an open line of communication between students, the faculty and the administration. One solution may be the creation and implementation of student advisory boards.  Student advisory boards are a focus group, composed of several students that actively provide input to college administrators about emerging trends on campus, issues their peers encounter whilst taking classes, and how the College can improve itself. QC currently lacks…

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    How AMC theaters are re-opening their door

    American Multi-Cinema theaters have been closed for over six months ever since the coronavirus impacted every aspect of our daily lives. During those months, several employees, including myself, have been in the dark of the future of the company and whether we would ever be able to go back. There have been very few emails informing us of the new safety measures we will have to look forward to in the future or any reopening date for local theatres in New York. The most recent announcement from AMC theaters stated a grand reopening in certain states, with the original 1920 price as a celebration for its 100th birthday as low…

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    How college football is pushing forward amid COVID-19

    All industries and occupations have been hit hard as a result of COVID-19. While some industries have started to open up according to the New York state and city guidelines, others are still in conflict about how to move forward, one of them being college football. College football is a massive financial industry in the world of sports. Different conferences have all been looking for solutions and a way forward. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has established a COVID-19 Concern Hotline where they can be contacted by athletes or parents who are concerned about their college’s return to sports. They can be emailed at covidconcerns@ncaa.org or called at 833-661-CV19 (2819).…

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    The Perfect Storm Spikes Gun Violence in N.Y.C

    It has been an overwhelming summer, considering New York was the country’s epicenter for COVID-19 cases earlier this season. The state has been the sight of many protests in support of the BLM movement. “Law and Order. If @NYCMayor can’t do it, we will!” tweeted President Trump on August 16th in regards to, what many local newspapers are calling, the deadliest summer since 1996. This number has more than doubled from the same period the previous year. Gunmen have fired into people’s homes, backyards, at parks, subway stations, at cars; you name it. Former NYPD lieutenant, Darrin Porcher, told CBS2 News that NYC has “far eclipsed the number of shootings…

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