Frequently Asked Questions

We routinely are asked questions by students, faculty, administrators, readers and others about our organization and our work. For the sake of clarity, we provided a list of answers for frequently asked questions. This will be updated when necessary:

What are you?

We are The Knight News, CUNY Queens College’s newspaper since 1937. We are run by students with the Journalism Department on campus acting as our advisers.

Does any department or QC administrator control your work?

No. We are independent, except for funding provided by the college.

Wasn’t your website different before?

Yes. Before December 2015, our website was like this. However, after malware was installed on our WordPress site, our site was down and the database was erased. We had to restart with a fresh theme to use.

For previous alumni of The Knight News who think their work is missing, please email us at info[at] and we’ll address this as soon as we can.

Hello, I am a student and want to join. What do I do?

Please email us at or visit us at LL35, to get our application!

Actually, before I join, I am a little uneasy about my lack of experience as a journalist. Is that a problem?

Not really. Some of our journalists in the past have been non-journalism minors and first worked as a journalist with us. As long as you are dedicated, you’ll be fine.

So is this not related to the Journalism minor at Queens College?

Somewhat. While we are independent, we do compliment it. We educate based on an environment similar to any newsroom across the country.

Do you pay?

Our funds don’t allow us to pay journalists. Most of our funds go to printing a newspaper.

I didn’t like how you covered [X]. 

While we understand not everyone will be a fan of our work, we do uphold a fair and accurate view in our reporting. However, readers are free to submit criticism to info[at]

But I and/or my organization feel slandered by your reporting on [X].

Again, refer to our previous answer.

Hey, I’m a part of [X] on campus. I noticed you were a club and am interested in obtaining your co-sponsorship for an event we’re organizing.

We’re always happen to work with clubs on campus. Keep in mind, decisions like this must be agreed by our editorial board so no representative of The Knight News can verify with you 100 percent that we will co-sponsor. If agreed, then we’ll be happy to sign paperwork. Email us at info[at] for further information.

I would like to submit an op-ed/submit an advertisement/have a pitch to The Knight News. How would I go about that?

Email us at info[at]

Are you hosting events?

Yes, check our Events page.

I’m interested in interviewing someone from your organization. How do I proceed?

You can email that person directly on our Staff page or email us at info[at]

I love your header image. Who took it?

Ali Abbas, a former photo editor of ours. If you’re interested in using it, please give him credit.

None of my questions refer to the above. 

If this happens, please email us at info[at]