Meet the Editorial Board and Officers


The Knight News works on behalf of the Queens College community with journalism as the main pillar of its vision. 

“We learn so that we may serve”

Holden Velasco, Editor-in-Chief

Holden Velasco is an award-winning student journalist, currently a Senior majoring in Media Studies with a minor in Writing. Velasco is pursuing an Accelerated Masters in Community Engagement Journalism at the Craig Newark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. Velasco has been with The Knight News since August of 2020, and has taken on multiple positions for the newspaper.

Velasco has had his work published in the Long Island Herald, SLAM Magazine, and SB Nation’s NetsDaily. Velasco is a member of the prestigious New York Times Corps, where he receives one-on-one career-guidance from a mentor within The New York Times. In addition to Velasco’s role as Editor-in-Chief, he also leads the Sports section of The Knight News. In Velasco’s free time, he enjoys playing his electric guitar and watching various TV shows and movies.

Sammy Ali, Managing Editor

Sammy Ali is a Senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in French. Ali joined The Knight News in its very first cohort of interns, and is now the Managing Editor for the paper. Since starting, Ali has been an avid fan of reporting on politics, and as of March 2021, was able to hear from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer regarding student loan debt. Ali hopes to spend the remainder of his undergraduate years at The Knight News, reporting & producing podcasts for the Queens College community.

Edwin Di Geronimo Hernandez, Treasurer

Edwin Di Geronimo Hernandez is a Sophomore majoring in Media Studies. Di Geronimo Hernandez joined The Knight News so he can have more opportunities to use his camera. Di Geronimo Hernandez has been creating content since high school and is still pursuing that dream at Queens College through The Knight News

Manuela Quiceno, Secretary

Manuela Quiceno is a bilingual student double-majoring in Media Studies and Film Studies, and pursuing an Accelerated Master’s in Media & Social Justice. Quiceno is currently participating in MediaMKRS, where she is being prepared for careers in media and entertainment through various internships. In Quiceno’s free time, she works as a digital creator on different social platforms, and her hobbies are singing, dancing, and playing the piano. One thing that Quiceno is most passionate about is pursuing her faith, as she is a devout Catholic Christian.  

Adriana Padilla Duran, Layout Editor and Webmaster

Adriana Padilla Duran is a Junior studying Design with a focus on Illustration, Graphic Design, and Animation. Initially interested in being The Knight News‘ Cartoonist, Padilla Duran’s Graphic Design experience led her to become the Layout Designer instead. Currently, Padilla Duran holds the positions of Layout Editor and Webmaster at The Knight News while still pursuing her passion for creating cartoons on the side. Padilla Duran indulges in her love for art outside of her academic and professional obligations by watching art-related videos, collecting art pieces and art books, creating digital drawings, and immersing herself in animated films. Padilla Duran also spends a considerable amount of time playing video games with her friends, taking care of her adorable feline companions, and getting lost in the world of books!