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    OP-ED: Are QC students taking advantage of the CR/No CR policy?

    In the wake of COVID-19 which led CUNY Queens College to close its campus, students began to ask for a change within the grading policy. The main argument being that many students will face food and housing insecurity as a result of campus closure. As well as the fact that many students don’t have unlimited access to technological resources when off campus, which suddenly were deemed necessary to complete coursework. This, of course, would prove to have a huge impact on the grades that students would receive this spring semester.  Eventually, The CUNY Board of Trustees approved a policy that allows students to enter in a grade of CR (credit),…

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    Coronavirus: the disease affecting the economy and the world

    Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause disease in animals. The new disease called Covid-19 has appeared in humans, causing flu-symptoms. According to the Telegraph UK, 83,000 people are known to be infected and more than 2,800 deaths have been recorded. In New York, at the time this issue is published there are two confirmed cases of the virus, raising the possibility that the virus is spreading locally. The MTA will disinfect subways every 72 hours according to officials. According to CNN reporter Christina Maxouris, the US death toll stands at nine victims, all from Washington State. There are also 130 known cases across 13 states.           Economists are fearing…