Photo by Andrea Hardalo

Construction on Remsen Hall brings inconvenience

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Photo by Andrea Hardalo
Photo by Andrea Hardalo

Remsen Hall is currently undergoing renovations such as infrastructure improvements and electrical upgrades to bring the building up to date with more advanced technology.

The construction on Remsen Hall, located between Razran Hall and the Science Building is visible from inside the building as well as on The Quad.

During the construction period, required total electrical shutdowns have been planned and departments will be given notice as to place the smallest possible effect on students and faculty, according to Alvin Su, project manager of facilities design, construction and management.

The walkway in front of Remsen Hall is now blocked off, leaving students to walk across the grass. As of now, the face of the building is not visible, but the main entrance is still accessible. However, in the future, entrances will be limited with emergency exits maintained.

Dating back to 1950, Remsen Hall is one of the older buildings on campus. In contrast, neighboring buildings Powdermaker Hall and the Science Building, are fully equipped with up to date technology.

Remsen Hall, which is home to the departments of mathematics and natural sciences , underwent heavy construction in May of 2007 and completed in fall of 2008. That consisted of the expansion of the second and third floors with new teaching and research labs. The last major construction project on campus was the rain garden behind Kiely Hall in the fall of 2012. The Remsen construction began on Aug. 19 and is set to continue into the fall of 2014.

The estimated cost for the last Remsen Hall construction was around $30,000. This time the bid costs an estimated $1.28 million, according to Jorge E. Yafar, project manager of facilities design, construction and management. No visible physical changes to the interior or exterior will occur. An above ground electrical transformer will be built on the east side of the building.

Matteo added that Remsen would be left with an “additional 10 percent peak demand for future growth.”

An e-mail was sent to inform students of the construction through their QC accounts apologizing for the inconveniences over the summer.

First email was from Alvin Su, Project Manager, Facilities Design, Construction and Management.

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