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It’s a new semester, and it’s a new look for The Knight News. Let us explain why.

Since February 2015, we were asked by one of our advisers about a new logo after the old one, made in 2009, just did not look good anymore. We agreed and asked a former graphic designer to create one. The final logo was not what we liked, so the issue was shelved.

However, a current graphic designer, Melisa Tekin, made a better-looking logo. This is now the permanent logo.

Now for the website.

In December, we were notified that malware was installed on our site. Despite our best efforts, it was taken down, and our database that stored all of our stories was lost.

We created a new site that is better than the last one. New additions are yet to come, but thank goodness most of our database was restored.

In addition, a new podcast by Albert Roman and Hans Themistode will happen either this month or next, depending on logistics. Stay tuned for more information, including the first guest.

We introduced a new system of beats. Reporters may do the mix of stories, but others will focus on their beat.

After months of organizing an event, we may finally have one. We won’t name the person, but, if everything works out, students will enjoy what we are planning. Location and time is to be announced, but check future editions or our social media for more information.

The Knight News will push for more Freedom of Information Law requests from government sources, including CUNY. FOIL is a vital tool not well known by journalists.

We worry journalists, especially around our ages, are unsure what is FOIL. FOIL, while the federal law is a somewhat a bureaucratic mess, is still helpful for state and local reporting.

Keep in mind, we are not interested in being rabble-rousers. Rather we point to a nomination for an award—Associated Collegiate Press Story of the Year—for our reporting on CUNY’s investments in private prisons.

We didn’t win, but we don’t care about winning awards. If it is possible to sow the seeds for an outlet that’ll grow, then that is the most important thing to do.

There’s more to do of course, but we are taking it one step at a time.

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