Lights, camera, action at Queens College

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What do “The Confines,” “Person of Interest,” “The Lennon Report” and “Inside Amy Schumer” have in common? They all filmed at Queens College.

Queens College is becoming popular among movies and TV shows. It isn’t unusual to see trucks filled with cameras and gear near the campus. Students may have a hard time going into certain areas while something is filmed.

A student walking in Remsen Hall, specifically the area with the red lockers, may find a scene in “Still Alice,” the 2014 film about Alzheimer’s disease and starring Julianna Moore and Alec Baldwin, familiar.

Students find the idea of famous actors on campus appealing. “Saturday Night Live” filmed a skit involving comedian Larry David as Democratic president candidate Bernie Sanders outside the Student Union building.

Other movies filmed on campus include “The Runner” and “Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List,” both released last year. As for television shows, they are “Elementary,” “Girls,” “Royal Pains,” “The Blacklist” and others.

Students also get to see what happens behind the scenes. There are camera crews, sound equipment and other fascinating things, especially for anyone majoring in film or media studies.

Even this publication worked with “The Good Wife,” the hit TV show on ABC that will conclude later this year. We submitted copies of back issues for them to use.

But why is QC such a popular setting for so many TV shows and movies over the years? That’s easy—it’s one of a kind.

It’s difficult to find another campus in CUNY that is large and diverse. There are many areas to choose from that are unique. There’s the modern Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library and the vibrant Dining Hall too.

The Quad is also a vital part of QC. This is a place to walk, to sit and to relax. It is 130,000 square feet of grass, walkways and trees. For actors, producers and directors, it’s a place with many stories to tell.

Washington Monthly, three years ago, said Queens College was the the “[second]-best bang for your buck.” This meant it was a good college for potential undergraduates to attend. But, it is possible to say the same for anyone interested in filming on campus.

Queens College is no stranger to being represented in Hollywood. Famous alumni include “Seinfeld” comedian Jerry Seinfeld, “The Nanny” actor Fran Drescher and “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau.

Just goes to show that Queens College not only has a lot to offer academics wise, being that it is the “best bang for your buck,” but it’s beautiful campus attracts big production companies to want to come and film here.

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