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Students now have an opportunity to submit research papers to a new, online academic journal called Social Science Quarterly.

Editor-in-Chief Madel Beaudouin, a senior majoring in political economics, created this academic journal.

“I started this journal because undergraduate students need to get their academic work published,” Beaudouin said. “This is a response to how competitive graduate school is.”

The journal released its Volume 1, Issue 1 on March 1.

Students need to submit a paper that is under 2,000 words. Papers do not need to focus on research as interviews and analyses are also accepted.

Two issues come out per semester. The editors on the board decide what stories to choose based on how well they have conducted research on their project. Sara Dorfman, a senior majoring in history, is one editor in the journal who likes the organization’s structure.

“Being able to work collaboratively with like-minded people has been an amazing experience. I am free to work on projects pertaining to my personal research interests while simultaneously building a portfolio of peer-reviewed work,” she said.

There are five senior editors and three junior editors. They decide on six research submissions for the journal.

The journal’s academic advisers are Thomas Ort, Julie George, Alexander Riechl and Jorge Alves. All except Ort are political science professors. Ort is a professor in the history department.

One article featured in the journal was a question-and-answer piece on Rebecca Shareah Taleghani, a professor of Middle Eastern studies and Arabic at Queens College. Yasmin Eissaw, a junior majoring in political science and Middle Eastern studies, wrote the piece.

Eissaw also enjoyed working not only with other editors, but also something that she likes doing—research.

“Working on the journal has been one of the best academic experiences here at Queens College,” Eissawi said. “I was able to incorporate my research interests into dynamic projects and work with amazing people who share the same ambitious goals.”

The deadline for the next journal submission is May 1, 2016. New journals are available in June. To read Social Science Quarterly, visit

Update: The name of the journal is Social Science Journal, not QC Quarterly.

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