CUNYs Response to Hurricane Matthew

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Hurricane Matthew was a category four Atlantic hurricane that occurred on Oct. 4. It caused devastation to Haiti and also swept Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Cuba and The Bahamas.

The CUNY research foundation, a not-for-profit educational corporation, is collecting donations by check or money order that will be donated to the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

CUNY Chancellor James Millikin said in a statement about Hurricane Matthew “our campuses are offering counseling and other direct support to students, faculty and staff, even as we work with the University community to assist the victims. Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Chris Rosa is leading this University-wide effort.”

Disaster Relief Coordinators at each CUNY campus are offering their help in raising funds and international advisors are reaching out to the victims whose families have been affected individually. Counseling is available on each campus to help students cope with the disaster.

A student can also request a leave of absence if needed to go back to Haiti and help their families. Students affected by the hurricane can also have extended time to pay for tuition if needed, and can also receive help with it if in dire need. Students are encouraged to donate.

The University Senate is also involved, and they will be working with students to raise funds through events. There will be donation boxes for students and faculty to contribute to help international students with families going through the tragedy in Haiti.

“The University is concerned about its students and staff who have family and friends impacted by this natural disaster and is committed to making counseling and other supportive services available,” Roberta Nord, University Director of Disaster Relief, said. “Disaster Relief Coordinators on each campus are also working with their campus community to raise funds which, through reputable relief agencies, will assist those on the ground who have been directly impacted.”

Emanuel Avila, the Associate Director of Judicial Affairs, is in the process of developing a plan that will help raise money for students who have families that were impacted by the hurricane and have lost homes and resources.

“The university met last week and our plan is currently in the works,” Avila said. “Our office will have a memo out next week, providing information about monetary donations.  We will also look to work with some student groups and other resources on campus, such as the counseling center.”

A category four hurricane has winds between 131 and 155 miles per hour and often cause water shortages and power outages as well as serious damage to infrastructure. Hurricane Matthew was within the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Flooding has occurred, as well as landslides in Haiti.  Homes, crops, schools and transportation were affected in Haiti and 1,000 lives were lost.

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