A Farewell To Our Captain

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 After four years spent in tireless service to The Knight News (TKN) and the Queens College student body, the TKN executive board is sorry to announce that Sidd Malviya, our Editor-in-Chief, has left our publication. Sidd is graduating with dual majors in biology and psychology and will be attending Dartmouth College for his Masters in Public Health (MPH).

Sidd’s track record with The Knight News speaks for itself. He joined the paper in the Fall 2017 semester as a writer, and quickly rose through the ranks. He became Secretary in 2018 and Executive Editor in 2019, finally assuming leadership of the paper in 2020. Among his many accomplishments as Editor-in-Chief, Sidd penned articles exposing scandals such as the biology department’s invitation of an Epstein associate to speak at a colloquium. He was also instrumental in transitioning the paper from monthly to bi-weekly publication. Sidd gave the TKN website a much-needed makeover and inaugurated an internship program at the paper whereby participating students gain experience with the day-to-day operations of a news media organization. 

Sidd’s positive impact was not restricted to the paper. His drive and warmth were keenly felt by all with whom he worked, and his charisma and humor made every event and meeting a pleasure to go to. Sidd held an unwavering belief in the potential of everyone on the staff. His instinct for leadership was second to none; he was quick to remind people that he ran “a very tight ship around here.” Of course, Sidd, the friend, was every bit as exceptional as Sidd, the leader. Whenever he wasn’t studying for the mCATs, Sidd always found time for matches of Among Us or Cards Against Humanity. 

While maintaining excellent academic standing and bringing Queens College’s student-run newspaper–The Knight News–to new heights, Sidd also served in numerous student leadership positions. Among his myriad student government roles, Sidd was elected vice president of the Student Association, Chair of the Student Senate, and Deputy Chair of the Academic Senate. As Jay Hershenson wrote in his letter recommending Sidd for the 2021 Burton L. Backner Student Affairs award, “These are among the highest student government roles at the College and by definition require dedication, initiative, and perseverance.” In addition to his work with the QC student government, Sidd also served on numerous committees–namely the 2020 search committee which worked to elect QC’s current President, Frank Wu. The culmination of Sidd’s work in student government and on committees is a testament to his character and how much he’s sought to help the QC community. 

Sidd’s journalistic and political advocacy on behalf of QC students won’t be soon forgotten. His leadership of the paper, clement and encouraging but authoritative, will be sorely missed, as will the many light conversations shared over cans of sparkling water. As he begins a new chapter in the “foreign country” of New Hampshire, we wish Sidd all the very best.

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