“Hello Future” Puts the Anxieties of the Past Behind

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If you hear me humming and see me bobbing my head as I walk down the sidewalk, it’s probably to “Hello Future,” the title track off of NCT Dream’s newest album. Its cool beat, lively tempo and fun choreography makes this the perfect addition to your summer playlist. 

NCT DREAM released “Hot Sauce,” their first full-length album earlier this year and now has “Hello Future,” the repackage album. The repackage album has all the songs from “Hot Sauce” and three new songs, including “Bungee,” “오르골 (Life Is Still Going On),” and “Hello Future,” which goes by the same name as the album, totaling 13 songs. 

NCT Dream debuted in 2016 and became a global success. They were featured in TIME’s “25 Most Influential Teens of 2018,” the only Asian group so recognized. For three years straight, 2018-2020, they were recognized on Billboard’s “21 Under 21: Music’s Next Generation.” Although it took five years to get a full album, it was worth the wait. With a strong fan base, their first full album, “Hot Sauce,” successfully led them to a major win. 

They have a strong domestic following as well.  Gaon, South Korea’s answer to Japan’s Oricon chart and the United States Billboard chart, credited NCT Dream Hot Sauce with July album certifications for selling at least two million copies in the country. The only other South Korean act to ever earn this recognition was BTS. 

 My personal favorite is the last song on the album, “Rainbow,” an R&B pop song. The seven member’s voices blend together very well with a guitar supporting their strong vocals. You can hear the vocal line Haechan, Renjun, and Chenle doing the ad libs. The rap line including Jemo, Mark Jaemin, Jisung complementing the vocal line with lower harmonies during the chorus. The “Rainbow” video brings back nostalgic memories. It made me think about my childhood friends and I who moved on with our lives to pursue our dreams. Years later we reunited at the same bench where we could eat ice cream after school. 

 “Be There For You” is a close second to “Rainbow.” This ballad song is sung by Chenle, Haechan, and Renjun with a soft piano melody alongside a calming guitar. The emotional vocals and comforting lyrics create a cozy and sentimental atmosphere. They sing about the beauty of imperfections and staying true to who you are, confidently facing the world with the support from those by your side. It is a soothing and heartening song that can put anyone at ease. 

 “Hello Future’s” happy and upbeat concept is different from their other title songs including “Go” and “Boom.” It is refreshing to listen to and put the biggest smile on my face as I dance around the kitchen. The colorful palate and sharp choreography make the music video even more appealing. Although “Hot Sauce” is another chart topping title track, it strays away from the unique NCT Dream sound which “Hello Future” gives. Its strong chorus and overall feel is not a personal favorite. As an avid NCT and NCT Dream listener, in time I learned to love the energetic “Hot Sauce.” 

“Hello Future” is my comfort album for expressing the hopefulness youth have to take on the world. The songs reassure their listeners that there are sweet moments in life to look forward to despite anxieties and unnoticed troubles. I highly recommend the album not only for the infectious energy, vibrant colors and addicting music but also for its aesthetic packaging and knick-knacks that come along with it. A physical copy of the album will include a photo book, photo card, and folder poster, among other items. If that’s not enough for you, dance practices, live performances, and official music videos of multiple songs from the album are available on YouTube.

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