What’s at Stake in the Midterms?

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The United States will hold the midterm elections this upcoming November. The midterms determine, in a heavily divided Congress, the future of President Biden’s agenda. However, historically, the political party of the President has underperformed in the midterms. Regardfully, the results of the midterms will be an important matter for all Americans, including Queens College students. 

According to research done by the Pew Research Center, many voters consider the 2022 midterms and the control of congress to be very important. There are a range of issues on the ballot, with the economy considered the most important by most registered voters, and the pandemic the least important. Other policies, such as guns, education, and foreign policy, are also considered to be important in the midterms. 

Dr. Krasner said that the midterms will determine the faith of democracy in the United States. He stated that if the Republicans win the midterms and are able to take the majority in Congress they will play a role in turning the country away from a democracy. However, he notes that Republicans winning the midterms depends on the impact that Trump has in making Democrats come out and voting. He further added that if Democrats win the midterms, especially, the Senate with 52 seats they could offset opposition from conservative Democrats, such as Joe Manchin. Furthermore, in his opinion, Democrats would attempt to legislate more liberally, for example, by passing climate change measures and the earned income tax credit.

There are students, such as Amil Virani, who have been involved in local politics who understand what is at stake during the midterm elections. Amil volunteered for Lisa Daniels, a candidate for County Legislature in Long Island. Amil, not only volunteers in politics, but is also a senior double major in Political Science and Finance at Queens College. Amil understands the midterms will determine the future of the United States Congress. He added, “if the Democrats lose it would seriously diminish the President’s ability to accomplish anything. If Republicans win it could serve as a check and provide momentum in advance of the 2024 Presidential election.” 

There are also many policies and legislation at stake this upcoming midterms. According to Amil, abortion and the potential of codifying Roe v. Wade is at stake for Democrats who could lose control of Congress. Additionally, Amil said that immigration is at stake since Democrats and Republicans will not agree on any reforms to immigration policies. Amil believes that a government shutdown is possible with a split Congress. The results of the midterm may also mark the end of the January 6 committee and would make American energy policy “less green if the GOP takes over,” Amil added. 

Catherine Williams, a senior majoring in Political Science at Queens College, said that the midterms will “dictate the outcome of any future legislation” and determine which party will stay in power. She considers the upcoming midterms to be important because the role they will play in determine abortion rights and the teaching in school. She believes that critical race theory is on the ballot this upcoming midterm.

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