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Have you ever wanted to meet with other comic book enthusiasts in a low-key environment? If your answer is yes, look no further than The Queens Comic Party (QCP). Since 2021, Queens Comic Party has been providing local events in the format of an old-school comic book show.

It was founded by Billy Bombs, a 38-year-old, Queens native, who currently resides in Ridgewood, Queens. He was a comic collector since 1989, he got into comics through a relative who gave him a copy of ‘Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu.’ Queens Comic Party debuted in August 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its purpose, Bombs says, ‘…was just talking to others without being a drinking fest only.’ Since then, it has attracted a community of local comic lovers, passionate about the medium. 

These events are either free or cost a low admission fee—mostly in various parts of Queens—but they travel through all five boroughs. Locations vary from Nier’s Tavern in Woodhaven to CWV Post 870 in Woodside, a vintage clothing store and art gallery on 148 Frost Street in Williamsburg, and more. 

Queens Comic Party is the perfect place to find back-issues of your favorite comic without spending outrageous amounts of money. Usually vendors sell from the Bronze age and up. If you’re on a budget, you will easily find deals for a dollar. However, you might be lucky, finding a classic from the Silver age of comics. Back in early August, one vendor was selling rare back issues of ‘Underground’ comics from the late 60s – mid ‘70s such as ‘Zap Comix.’

Besides back-issues, you can also search for Funkos, tee shirts, crafts and original art. Many of the vendors know each other, as they converse with one another as friends. You can often overhear conversations from Carl, Ian and other regular vendors. 

Nevertheless, no comic book event would be complete without artists. These are the established and upcoming creators: Artist Rodney Ramos (IG: @rodneyramoscomicbookartist) has done work for DC Comics, Marvel, Valiant, Disney, and other companies had a table at the Frost Street events. At the 18th Ward Brewery location the other artist: Carlos De Oleo Polanco (IG: @xistencomics) was trying to make his dreams come true with his self-published comic. Meanwhile, Angelica Square (@angelicasquare) treks all the way down from The Bronx to table at QCP. 

More recently Queens Comic Party had their first celebrity, Antonio DeCaro (@ponnyc) from television’s Ink Master. He owns a tattoo shop in Astoria, Queens (@worldsfairtattoo) and had a table at one of the June events. 

Additionally, Billy Bombs does a podcast with QCP regular Ian Jane, joined sometimes by their friend Mike. The Queens Comic Podcast (IG: @queenscomicpodcast) is a free-flowing show where they talk about comics. 

Besides comics, Bombs also does the Atomic Punx Flea Market where you can hunt for DVDs, VHS tapes, vinyl, posters, art, accessories, and more. This flea pop-up has also been gaining traction around town. It should be noted that both Queens Comic Party and Atomic Punx Flea Market are always searching for vendors and artists. 

Everybody is welcome as QCP has plans to extend to Boston and Texas soon. It has events planned throughout the year. The upcoming event dates are September 24 for QCP, October 28 for the Brooklyn Invasion cosplay dance, November and December QCP gives back by doing food and toy drives. 
To keep track of all the events that will be happening check out their website. Also, you can follow them on Instagram @queenscomicparty or simply subscribe to their newsletter.

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