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Editor’s Note: Welcome to all first-year students on campus! Below you will find a comprehensive guide to campus as you venture forth as a Knight. Visit our website at https://www.theknightnews.com/ for an interactive article that provides links to each resource.

On August 25th of 2023, Queens College kicked off the start of the new academic school year, bringing with it incoming freshmen and other first-year students ready to find their footing with this new chapter of their lives. Nevertheless, with a new experience it is fairly possible that it may at times result in confusion among the latest members of the Queens College student population. Particularly, it is due to a lack of awareness when it comes to campus resources or even the faculties in place that are meant to make for a more seamless transition. Let The Knight News help you out!

With a campus size of 84 acres upon which sprawl around 36 buildings, it is no surprise that the first few days of classes may be difficult for some to adjust when it comes to directions and finding aforementioned classes. Fortunately, there are maps placed around the grounds, each of them as meticulously detailed as the last. If the maps are not enough, there is always the ever-useful app, QC Navigate

It is an easy-to-use app that possesses many features and it only requires your CUNYfirst credentials to access it. Amongst them there is an up-to-date class schedule through which one can also find the directions to their classroom’s building. It also allows the syncing of class times and appointments with the student’s own personal calendar. 

In addition to that, its users can book appointments with a wide array of services, such as Academic Advising, Financial Aid Services, Student Affairs, etc. There are several other tabs that can be very useful for students. One is called: Study Buddies, which allows students to get in touch with their classmates from each of their classes. The other one called Resources, which provides the location and contact information of certain centers that aid in the accommodation of students. 

While the app itself is a handy tool, it is not the sole reliable source of information available. It would not hurt to head to more social spaces, to get a proper hands-on feel of the campus, such as the Student Union (where clubs are located), the Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library, or the Quad. 

Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library, a frequent favorite of many students, contains cubicles, comfy study chairs on the upper levels, and a beautiful view on the top floor offering a serene place to study, research, or just hang out. On the other hand, The Student Union offers a different but no less vibrant view of campus life, as it is teeming with clubs. Including us in LL35! 

The Corner Pocket, QC’s game room located in the Dining Hall, is another enjoyable place to unwind, boasting six billiard tables, three ping-pong tables, a foosball table, etc. As for the Quad, sitting outside when it is nice out is truly exceptional with the gorgeous and green campus feeling almost like a park, one that has a breathtaking view of the city skyline. You can also usually find people playing volleyball, spikeball, and throwing frisbees during nice weather.

However, it is not just the buildings or the people that make for a well-rounded knowledge of campus life, but also, of course: the food. Queens College has multiple bright spots, among them the Science Building Cafe, the SA Diner, the Dining Hall, etc. However, QC recently added a multitude of new food carts on campus that have proven to be the best food around! Another popular food cart located right on the corner of Horace Harding Expy and Kissena Blvd  is Shah’s Halal. Other off-campus favorites are Gino’s of Kissena, New Wok’s Kitchen, and Danny’s Deli (which is open 24 hours). For coffee lovers, there is a Starbucks right in the Student Union, with a Dunkin’ Donuts only a few blocks away. 

Other resources on campus include, but are not limited to the Learning Commons, Writing Center, Office of Honors and Scholarships, and the Child Development Center. Meanwhile, Health Services, Counseling Services, and Immigration Services can be found at Frese Hall. In addition to this, the Knights Table Food Pantry, located at the Student Union LL 29, provides access to all QC students to non-perishable food for those facing food insecurity.

While the first day of the 2023-2024 academic year has come and gone, the Fall semester itself has not. But the essence of it being one’s first year on campus hasn’t changed, and hopefully, the resources at Queens College listed above will help make your transition smoother.  

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