A Sweet New Addition to On-Campus Food

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With an already diverse selection of food vendors on campus, Queens College has acquired a new one with the “wafels & dinges” food truck.

This vibrant, yellow food truck can be found every Tuesday from 9:30 in the morning to six or seven in the evening. The cart is usually located between Colwin and Delany Halls on the opposite side of the Quad from Kiely Hall. There, students will find a variety of sweet treats in the form of exquisitely decorated waffles, ranging from ice cream and syrupy toppings to classic chocolate fudge.

In total, the cart offers nine different waffles for customers, as well as a choice of beverage, whether it be iced coffee or a cold lemonade. I wholeheartedly believe the “de churro wafel” has become one of my favorites. This tasty treat is topped with dulce de leche and then dipped in cinnamon sugar to deliver a delicious shock to your tastebuds as it melts in your mouth.

Another striking choice would be the “WMD wafel,” an appropriate abbreviation of “Wafel of Massive Deliciousness.” This pick, though one of the more expensive options at $14, is well worth the price because of its immense size and extra coatings. The WMD is a grand mixture of whipped cream, banana and strawberry slices, and chocolate syrup that will certainly leave you full throughout your classes.

If bananas and strawberries aren’t your style, and you’re just looking for a little extra something on your waffle, you’ll be pleased to learn of “de bom.” With a cool scoop of vanilla ice cream and a lovely mess of chocolate fudge, customers will find that final vestige of summer they have been craving this Fall semester.

Another favorite dessert according to sophomore Katherine Davidova, a double major in psychology and education, would be the “strawberry shortcake wafel.”

“It’s just so sweet because of the strawberries,” said Davidova, “but that’s why I love it. Oh, and I can’t forget the crumbled cookies on it too. The texture is just great.”

While students are already obsessing over the sheer choice of waffles, the vendor himself has his own picks. From the selection, Samuel Somaroo would have to choose the classic waffle, otherwise known as the “liége wafel,” with peanut butter. However, he said that,“[My] favorite waffle isn’t on the menu. It was our candy bacon and maple syrup … we used to make that before COVID.”

Somaroo also adds that, prior to the pandemic, the cart would visit the campus much longer, staying as late as nine at night. Although this snack is missing for now, he has high hopes that the menu will expand now that the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly fading into the background and business can promptly resume.

Can’t wait for next Tuesday? “Wafels & dinges” also circulates around other college campuses! On Mondays, they can be found at Columbia University, on Wednesdays they stop at New York University, and on Thursdays they can be found at Brooklyn College. You can order an even wider variety of waffles on their website, wafels.com. Whether it be on or off campus, “wafels & dinges” will always suffice with a waffle delight.

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