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    Meet Mira Rosenblatt: A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

    Meet Mira Rosenblatt. She is a mother, grandmother, and a great-grandmother. She is a New Yorker, and a Polish native. She is also a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Mira Rosenblatt’s childhood was like any other Jewish child. She was raised by a Polish mother and father, and had three brothers and two sisters. She was taught how to help her parents work in a store, how to speak Yiddish, Polish, Hebrew, and German, and that being Jewish was a birthright, not a lifestyle. The Rosenblatt family lived in a 39 brick-tenant building, built by Mira’s grandfather, in a densely populated Jewish neighborhood. Every day Mira would get up at 5 o’clock…

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    OP-ED: A reflection on anti-semitism

    When I was in high school, I always thought college was a place where everyone could be themselves. Where there was a spot for everyone from all corners of the world. What I never dreamed of learning is how anti-Semitic some schools are. Shortly after I became a college student, I learned that many schools are guilty of condoning hatred and bullying, as long as the acts are directed at the Jewish population. For whatever reason, I and so many others have become the scapegoats for thousands of xenophobic attacks, both inside and outside of the classroom, all of which have pretty much never been punished. But it seems hypocritical…

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    CUNY releases findings of anti-Semitism report

    On Sept. 9 CUNY Chancellor James Milliken released a 24-page report concerning allegations of anti-Semitism within the CUNY system. The report looks at specific incidents reported across four CUNY campuses dating back to 2013. According to a letter from Milliken, the report, which was compiled by Paul Shechtman and Barbara Jones of Bracewell LLP, “contains a thorough analysis of the facts as well as observations that will help guide our work going forward.” The letter goes on to explain that “preserving the right to free expression is at the core of every university’s mission, however, the university will respond appropriately to speech that is hateful, discriminatory and anti-Semitic—even if that…