• Credit: Asian-American Center Caption: Scholarship recipients pose with their scholarships, along with the Directors of the Asian-American Center.
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    The Asian/American Center Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

    On May 1, the Asian/American Center at Queens College held a celebration for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month at the Q-Side Lounge at the Dining Hall during free hour. A presentation was held honoring the students receiving the A/AC scholarship award and also awarding students and benefactors of the A/AC. Following the award ceremony, guest speaker Carl Takei, Esq., presented his speech, “Asian Americans, White Supremacy and the Importance of Solidarity.” After Takei’s speech, members of the A/AC’s student council read aloud their personal reflections about their experience as an Asian American. The celebration started with “Silk and Bamboo” music played by Professor Liu Li and Professor Chen Tao, members…

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    Asian Americans versus Harvard: The battle begins

    Affirmative action: the ever so controversial policy that has many individuals in our society butting heads. Recently, there has been a question on this topic that has had many scratching their heads: does Harvard University admissions discriminate against Asian Americans? The first thing to address is the claims being made by the plaintiffs in this trial.  The case is purporting that Asian American applicants are being looked at on a higher standard, as opposed to other minority groups and white students applying. Junior biochemistry major,Jacky Fan agrees, commenting, “ I absolutely think it’s true. The asian community holds high standards to their children, and I guess you can see that…