• Credit: ALPFA Caption: The members of ALPFA stand together to celebrate their club.

    ALPFA: Shaping Futures One Deal at a Time

    In the Student Union of Queens College, a college of diversity of different nationalities, lives the Association of Latino Professional for America, an organization that is dedicated to developing future professionals. ALPFA is more than a club that meets during the Free Hour; it is an association that strives to build up and prepare students of color for the business and corporate aspect of America. It may be named “Association of Latino Professional for America”, but the club welcomes students of different nationalities interested in studying in the business/accounting field. The mission of this club is met through the organization of such events as networking and social expos, business trips…

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    Club Spotlight: Caribbean Student Association

    Amongst the variety of cultures present in the Student Union clubrooms, the Queens College (QC) Caribbean Student Association (CSA) club is an exciting experience that welcomes all who are interested. “I was a transfer student who joined CSA and now I’m an executive board member, which involves oversight of club ongoings. I didn’t expect this but joining this club has been an experience I couldn’t gain elsewhere. The members are like my second family,” noted Vashinie Peter, secretary. “Immediately, CSA had this vibe and good energy,” she added. Witnessing the club from the outside might feel intimidating. However, members of the club always ensure a welcoming environment to all students,…

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    Club Spotlight: Speech debate team

    After just two minutes of preparation, Rebecca Kalendarev was able to deliver a five-minute speech about a quote she had read for the first time just two minutes ago. As a member of the Speech and Debate Society at Queens College (QC), this was for her what a warm-up would be to a runner. The Speech and Debate team at QC, led by alumnus Randy Perez, is focused on delivering a promising experience to its student members that hone their public speaking presentation skills, aid their community service work, strengthen their ability to access and relay knowledge and boosts their confidence. The team is involved in this year’s National Competition…