• Photo Credit: Jack Taylor Getty Images Caption: Assange, arrested and on his way to jail.
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    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested by British police at Ecuadorian embassy

    On Thursday, April 11, Julian Assange was apprehended by Metropolitan Police in London under a warrant from the U.S. Government. Assange did not go peacefully as he was dragged forcefully out of the Ecuadorian embassy, screaming and shouting obscenities at police officers.   Assange was granted asylum by the government of Ecuador in 2012, which was revoked 24 hours before his arrest. Assange self-exiled himself to the embassy for seven years, much to the embarrassment of British authorities. His presence at the embassy demanded ‘round the clock’ surveillance, costing British taxpayers millions of pounds.   Later that same day, Assange appeared in Westminster Magistrates’ Court, where he was instantly found…