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    Mental Health Matters: What CUNY is doing to support its students

    As the COVID-19 global pandemic persists, CUNY students and other students nationwide continue to grapple with prevailing uncertainty, fear, anxiety and depression. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines mental health as our emotional, social and psychological well-being. Mental health has experienced a sharp overall decline as a result of the widespread effects of coronavirus. For students, as they continue to attend classes physically or via online platforms, the pandemic continues to affect mental health.  The City University of New York is a network of vast and expansive urban public universities; according to the CUNY website, the university system accounts for the largest such network in the country. CUNY…

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    Mental Health in Undergrad Students: Is Grad School Worth the Stressor?

    When it comes to pursuing and engaging in higher education, there are inevitable stressors that impact the mental state of the typical, overall college undergrad. Of course this varies among a multitude of components; whether that be your year in school, the financial space the student is in, their race, gender and current discipline that they’re studying for. The experiences that undergraduates are going through are different, but somehow are essentially the same. While doing undergraduate studies and trying to juggle a magnitude of things to handle and worry about, one of the things that has to be added onto students’ fragile minds is the pending questions: where am I…

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    New York State Schools Shed Light on Mental Health

    This past summer New York State issued a law that states all N.Y. schools must integrate the topic of mental health into their health classes’ curriculums.   One of the most alarming complications children, teens and young adults in the United States face today is something most people do not notice from plain sight, and that is exactly what makes it so troubling. This issue that affects so much of the nation’s youth – mental illness. While a lack of mental health may not be as visible as, for example, a broken arm or leg, its effects on an individual can be just as, if not more, pernicious. Far too…