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    OP-ED: BDS: The Underlying Truth

    The transition from high school to college can be daunting; when you leave the secure bubble of your hometown to travel to a space where all religions, beliefs, movements, clubs and words are accepted, you sometimes don’t know how to respond to the change. Finding the right words and knowing the facts can be essential to finding your niche on campus. One of these aforementioned movements is called BDS—Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. This movement rejects and undermines Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state by misinforming the public and distorting the media. Co-Founder of the BDS movement, Omar Al-Barghouti, clearly states BDS’s ultimate view of a Jewish state: “I…

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    Mental Health in Undergrad Students: Is Grad School Worth the Stressor?

    When it comes to pursuing and engaging in higher education, there are inevitable stressors that impact the mental state of the typical, overall college undergrad. Of course this varies among a multitude of components; whether that be your year in school, the financial space the student is in, their race, gender and current discipline that they’re studying for. The experiences that undergraduates are going through are different, but somehow are essentially the same. While doing undergraduate studies and trying to juggle a magnitude of things to handle and worry about, one of the things that has to be added onto students’ fragile minds is the pending questions: where am I…

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    OP-ED: Not a “One Shot Test”

    Only seven black students were offered a seat at Stuyvesant High School this year. Bronx Science admitted 13 less black students this year than last. 11 Latino students were admitted to Staten Island Tech out of 300 admitted students. In fact, from the 4,798 students who received an acceptance letter to a specialized high school, only 10.5% are either black or Latino.   This lack of diversity in New York City’s hubs of adolescent intelligence is something Mayor De Blasio promised to solve. In his most controversial hour, the mayor proposed to completely get rid of the entrance exam. Compromising with his constituents, he has instead held about 300 seats,…

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    OP-ED: The Voice of BDS on Campus

    In a recent vote at New York University, the Student Government Assembly passed a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) type resolution to divest from companies that do business with the Israel Defence Forces, effectively taking an offensive position against Israel. The passing of the resolution means that the NYU SGA supports ending business with firms that work with Israel by providing it with war materials such as helicopters and bulldozers. Specifically, the proposal, titled “Resolution on the Human Rights of Palestine,” asked NYU to cut their ties with four firms: Caterpillar, General Electric, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. However, NYU President Andrew Hamilton has previously denounced the BDS movement against Israel.…

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     More than a grade: QC professors refuse to curve exam grades

    An unwillingness to curve grades perpetuates the archaic notion that education can be finite. Academia should not be based on a system of punishment.     Students should not be punished for not always being on their A-game, for not learning at the same pace as their classmates or for experiencing anxiety while taking exams.     Professors are scholars, people who have been through years of schooling themselves – and yet, many seem to have forgotten the struggles of being a student.   Navila Rahman, a junior chemistry major, said that none of her professors believe in curving exam grades. “They say life’s not going to give us any…