• Photo Credit: Joaqin Sapien Caption: Riker's Island Cells
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    Rikers Island Inmates Accumulate Over $1.2 Million in Fines

    On Feb 3, Reuven Blau of The City published an article exposing the accumulation of $1.2 million fines by Rikers Island inmates. These fines, which date back to 2015, act as punishments for failing to listen to direct orders against assaulting other inmates. Those fines are withdrawn from the inmate’s commissary funds which are used by inmates to purchase certain “luxury” items. Items could range from $0.90 for an envelope to $88.40 for an MP3 player. However, in order to avoid any disputes pertaining to unjustified fines, inmates can stand in front of an internal tribunal and defend themselves. According to Bleu, “if a detainee is found guilty, the money…