• Caption: An image taken from SpaceIL’s Beresheet spacecraft, about 13 miles from the moon’s surface. Credit: New York Times and SpaceIL/Israel Aerospace Industries
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    Israel’s Spacecraft Dream Crashes Into the Moon

    Israel Aerospace Industries were excited to make history with their latest project, The Beresheet Spacecraft, set to take off to the Moon in early April. More than 2,500 Israeli men, women and children crowded around the command center, located in Yehud, Israel; all were anticipating the event from their comfortable plastic chairs. Among them was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was just as excited for the launch. Beresheet, which is Hebrew for “in the beginning,” costed about $100 million for the entire mission. Although it seems like an exorbitant amount of money for a small project, it was significantly cheaper than other government-funded projects. According to The New York Times,…