Push for polling station meets dead end

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“Get that laptop out of my face,” is just one of the many complaints voiced every year during elections when students are pestered by committee members from their respective parties to The Student Association recently considered adopting polling stations like those used in U.S. presidential elections.

“We’ve heard complaints by students about our current election system,” Karamvir Singh, president of SA, said. “I thought it would be better for students in general; less harassing and complaints. It would also provide less strain on students running for positions.”

The elections committee rejected this idea for polling stations, but voting days have been reduced from seven days to five.

“It’s probably for the best,” sophomore, Maria Doumas said. She thinks that creating polling stations on campus would be a waste of money.

Tracy Eng, senior, would have liked access to a polling station, but is not overly bothered by their absence. To her, the problem resides in the shortage of voting days.

“It kind of messes up the system; it is our duty and right to vote. But in this case, I feel now the process is rushed, even if it is just two days. It’s like saying your opinion matters, but now we are limiting your voice to fewer days.” Eng said.

Singh is aware of the problems that may arise from the shortening the days and plans to push for the polling stations once more down the line.

“It depends if the students are still complaining about the current system now that the election days have been cut to five,” Singh said.

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