Victory and breaking records on minds of swimmers

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The season for both the men’s and women’s swimming season is rapidly approaching and expectations for success are high.

Specifically, winning the conference and breaking records are the goals of both teams this season.

While these expectations may be a bit lofty, the teams believe they could accomplish such feats. Moreover, the teams plan on building off last year’s season where they won several events.

The men’s swimming team placed second at the Ranger Invitational on Dec. 8 and captured an astounding eight first place finishes at SUNY maritime earlier this year. Not only did they have great team success but they also gathered individual success as well.

For example, last season, Brandon Sweetman set a new record for the 100 breaststroke with a record time of 59.79.

Head coach Alicia Lampasso-Dillon and her women’s team are young; however, Lampasso-Dillon sees potential in each player.

“We’re a young team and a bit inexperienced, but I’m looking forward to watching them grow all season long. We’re pushing for it all right now and I’m expecting a lot of them this year,” Lampasso-Dillon said.

Meanwhile, Yohancey Kingston, head coach of the men’s swimming team, lost a few older players from last season. Still, Kingston is preparing the new batch of recruits for the upcoming season and setting high expectations.

“I have a few seniors on my team, but this is only about their second year being on the team so inexperience factors in as well. Even though our teams maybe young and a bit inexperienced, I believe our talent is undeniable,” Kingston said.

The first meet of the season starts on Nov. 2 and, although both coaches understand the need to keep the team motivated, an important part of keeping morale high is having fun.

“Sometimes I jump in the pool and challenge them to races. I haven’t done it this season, but I know I’ll do it soon,” Kingston said.

Both Lampasso-Dillon and Kingston compliment each other well as head coaches. Lampasso-Dillon and Kingston both graduated from college two years ago. While Kingston joined the men’s team in late 2014, she became a part of the women’s team staff in 1988. Overall, the bond they share allows them to bring the best out of their swimmers.

“We just bounce ideas of each other and I love her. I’m new here so she helps show me the ropes. It’s like an old school, new school thing so we just blend our ideas and it becomes something beautiful as well as beneficial for the both of us,” Kingston said.

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