Photo by Christina Cardona David Schwartzman (left) and Michael Rubin (right) are two-thirds of the Hitched! team, an app for dating on a budget.

App provides budget-friendly dating

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Photo by Christina Cardona David Schwartzman (left) and Michael Rubin (right) are two-thirds of the Hitched! team, an app for dating on a budget.
Photo by Christina Cardona
David Schwartzman (left) and Michael Rubin (right) are two-thirds of the Hitched! team, an app for dating on a budget.

Michael Rubin, a senior majoring in computer science, came up with an idea after his brother, Jonathan, spent a large amount of money on a few dates he went on.

“My brother came home one day and he went on, maybe, four dates in one day,” Rubin said. “My mom was ready to kill him because he used her credit card to pay for the dates. She thought he was crazy for spending all of this money,” Rubin said.

Rubin’s idea was a dating app for people like his brother. This way they can plan dates and how much they want to spend.

The app’s name? Hitched!

Michael Rubin received help from his former boss at a software company in Israel, who provided connections. He talked to people that knew how to create apps.

Rubin works with two other people on Hitched!—his brother and David Schwartzman, a junior majoring in marketing and psychology.

Schwartzman, director of marketing and sales, said Hitched! is free for everyone to download.

“It caters to any age, whether in college or 60 years old,” Schwartzman said.

Users can select a date setting, which include places like a cafe or restaurant. Once a location is selected, they choose the price level that even includes “let’s see what’s free” and “I don’t mind” options.

Afterward, users can choose any recommended place. They can get directions and make a reservation, if necessary, through a phone number on the app.

Rubin noted how the app is not just for people in the United States, but also for those throughout the world.

“There are four people who downloaded it in Angola. That’s pretty random,” Rubin said.

The app also includes “ice breakers” that help users on a date. Sections like “Great Conversation” give facts and “Would You Rather?” questions to keep conversations going.

Rubin explained this idea came from reading articles about what to say during first dates.

“I thought the section would be a fun add-on to the app. It’s not really what the main purpose is [about], but it’s a fun thing to have,” Rubin said.

Rubin said Hitched! helped users like his sister’s friend, who is divorced and went on her first date in years.

Mariana McAlpine, a junior majoring in media studies, found the app easy to use after downloading it.

“I would use it because of that and because the variety of options it gives you within a specific price range which are totally reasonable and interesting,” McAlpine said.

McAlpine used other dating apps like Tinder, but liked the budget feature on Hitched! She said it’s important for college students to control what they spend.

“Most of us are on a budget. Even working two jobs, it’s hard for myself to have spending money and save money. So being aware of how expensive dates are is important,” she said.

Rubin explained first dates are sometimes awkward. But he believed Hitched! offers a chance to avoid that.

“One thing that I like about Hitched! is that it makes things less stressful. You can plan the date right there and make the reservation through the app. Hitched! makes dating easier and affordable,” Rubin said.

For more information about the Hitched! app, visit their website

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