QC hosts first business and technology expo

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On Sept. 21 the Queens College Economics and Business Club and Association for Computing Machinery hosted an expo on The Quad where students could meet representatives from different business and technology companies.

Abdul Rahman, a QC alumnus, entrepreneur and former president of the EBC, served as the speaker for the event.

“We stress that the students should network and practice good communication. Our objective is to unite students from computer science and business backgrounds to work together, form ideas, and create companies in the future,” Rahman said.

Fives, The Things Network, New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, Coalition for Queens, Keller Williams Realty and The NY Code and Design Academy were some of the more established companies with a presence at the event. FixMe, While, Dressme, Lawnmower, and JigTime were a few of the startups that also attended.

“I think for me, it’s seeing how dedicated these people are to their product that is inspirational,” AnnaMaria Bridgmohan, a sophomore and a former accounting student who recently changed her major to biology, said. “Lawnmower, for example, was started by three college students from another state. They pitched their ideas and answered every one of my questions, and I threw some hard ones in there as I am familiar with business and investments.”

Northwestern Mutual pitched their ideas, from helping students reach their financial goals to helping them make life changes and also providing accommodations to the disabled. They also offered internships for students of all majors to help them determine if they were interested in finance.

FixMe is a startup company that allows homeowners to select preapproved contractors for their home improvement endeavors. Homeowners decide the project, its time frame, as well as its budget. Then Fixme will offer a range of expert contractors.

“Truthfully, I came for the food, but seeing the variety of companies and ideas present here right now, I’m noticing, there is something for everyone’s interest” Agatha Regala, a junior art history major, said. “From investment companies, to code and design class, to the things network where you have a piece of technology that is so versatile. This is all very cool.”

College friends who proposed renting clothing to other students in the vicinity who want to wear new clothes without paying full price created Dressmate. Currently, they only offer business and party attire.

“I really enjoy the concept of trying to fuse alignments between people of different majors. I feel like specifically in this college, we don’t blend students from different majors together. It feels like they stay within their realms,” Marcus Thompson, a junior, said. “So, the way this event is trying to change that and bring computer science majors into the business realm and vice versa. If it doesn’t sound corny, I think that’s revolutionary.”

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