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    Upward and Onward: Pixar Does It Again, Leaves Room for Improvement

    There’s no denying how much I love Pixar’s movies and shorts. The success of films like Toy Story, Wall-E, Up, Inside Out, and Coco, proves that Pixar has accomplished a lot in the past 34 years. As admirable as much of their work is, when I heard their newest film Onward was a fantasy set in a suburban lifestyle, I was skeptical about the mixing of worlds. Even though the concept seemed more Disney-esque than the studio’s usual films, after watching more previews, I grew faith in an idea this studio hadn’t covered yet. Here’s the premise: two teenage elves named Ian (voiced by Tom Holland) and Barley (voiced by…

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    DC’s new take on the clown prince of crime gives a terrific portrayal of realistic issues

     It’s strange to say that a failing franchise could dig its way out of the mold of zero effort; most notably being literally any DC film since Batman Vs. Superman, due to their need to catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the time. However, in 2017 the box-office-busting superhero film Wonder Woman came along and showed that DC can satisfy at least film-wise without catching up to the Marvel hype. From thereon, DC could do no wrong with successors like Aquaman, Shazam!, and yes, even Teen Titans Go to the Movies. Getting right to the point, it’s safe to say there’s no need for DC to top their…