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    OP-ED: A reflection on anti-semitism

    When I was in high school, I always thought college was a place where everyone could be themselves. Where there was a spot for everyone from all corners of the world. What I never dreamed of learning is how anti-Semitic some schools are. Shortly after I became a college student, I learned that many schools are guilty of condoning hatred and bullying, as long as the acts are directed at the Jewish population. For whatever reason, I and so many others have become the scapegoats for thousands of xenophobic attacks, both inside and outside of the classroom, all of which have pretty much never been punished. But it seems hypocritical…

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    The Department of Education Investigates Anti-Israel Bias on College Campuses

    Two American universities have been contacted by the Education Department in regards to their controversial Middle Eastern studies programs. Duke University and the University of North Carolina have been asked by the Department to change the program’s curriculum after students had filed formal complaints about the lack of “positive imagery of Judaism and Christianity in the region,” according to The New York Times.  The inquiry comes from an extensive investigation from the Education Department’s secretary, Betsy DeVos, who has evidently become “… increasingly aggressive in going after perceived anti-Israel bias in higher education,” reports The New York Times. The Department explained their investigation demonstrated not enough focus on the circumstances…

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    QC’s Questionable Ability to Maintain Sustainability On Campus

    Queens College is known for its large spanning campus, with a well-kept Quad, tables and chairs carefully strewn all over the grounds, and not a single piece of litter in sight. But inside the buildings, which stand shiny and new as if they were built just yesterday, a different picture reveals itself. The QC Buildings and Grounds (B&G) department, whose sole priority is the maintenance of the shiny image QC boasts of, is under fire when it was discovered by a student’s investigation that it may not be properly disposing recycled materials.  In every building, on every floor , in every hallway, the trademark blue and green bins sit, waiting…

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    QC’s Mizrahi LEAD Amasses $2359 in Student Fundraising

    It is no secret that Queens College has an abundance of Jewish full-time students. Typically found in the Hillel Center, the Chabad house only two minutes away from campus or in the Small Dining Hall, there are countless organizations serving the Jewish community here on campus. Some of these Jewish students come together once a week as part of the Mizrahi LEAD program. Manashe Khaimov, the current “Director of Community Organizing and Development of Queens College Hillel” as well as the founder of at QC, explained, “Mizrahi LEAD’s (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development) goal is to cultivate and nurture Mizrahi Jewish students, who are committed to the Jewish community on the…

  • Caption: An image taken from SpaceIL’s Beresheet spacecraft, about 13 miles from the moon’s surface. Credit: New York Times and SpaceIL/Israel Aerospace Industries
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    Israel’s Spacecraft Dream Crashes Into the Moon

    Israel Aerospace Industries were excited to make history with their latest project, The Beresheet Spacecraft, set to take off to the Moon in early April. More than 2,500 Israeli men, women and children crowded around the command center, located in Yehud, Israel; all were anticipating the event from their comfortable plastic chairs. Among them was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was just as excited for the launch. Beresheet, which is Hebrew for “in the beginning,” costed about $100 million for the entire mission. Although it seems like an exorbitant amount of money for a small project, it was significantly cheaper than other government-funded projects. According to The New York Times,…