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    ISIS leader al-Baghdadi dead in successful U.S. raid

    On Oct. 26, ISIS leader and longtime target of the United States, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, committed suicide during a U.S. raid against him in Syria.   According to an article by the Department of Defense, General Frank McKenzie, the leader of the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM), claimed that once intelligence had secured information on his whereabouts, special operation forces were flown in by helicopter to a compound in the province of Idlib, Syria. The special forces were met with gunfire from militants believed not to be ISIS members. In response, two airstrikes were launched against the militants, killing them immediately. Once the militants were subdued, the special forces called out for…

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    Sri Lanka Attacks: The Aftermath

    Easter Sunday is supposed to be a holiday where you spend time with loved ones. For the people of Sri Lanka, this family holiday became a horrific nightmare. On this year’s Easter Sunday, people in Sri Lanka were attending religious services when eight blasts occurred leaving at least 290 people dead and 500 injured. Reports also state that 38 foreigners were among the dead including British, Indian and US citizens. One of the first victims to be identified was celebrity chef, Shantha Mayadume. According to BBC News, three of the explosions occurred at churches: in the Kochchikade district of the Capital, Colombo, in Negombo, to the north and in the…

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    Former ISIS member tries to come home

    FShamima Begum is one of three private-school students from Great Britain that, when she was 15 years old, fled her home to Syria, in hopes of being recruited into ISIS. Four years later, she wants to return home. The catch? Her reason is not a change-of-heart about her radical political alliance, but rather, she fears the safety of her child, who was just born in Syria. The New York Times reported that Begum begged for clemency in a, “televised interview,” while also wiping her hands clean of any involvement in Islamic propaganda and the recruitment process, citing that she solely took care of her family, which consists of her husband…