Privacy paramount for social movements on campus

The digital privacy of students at Queens College is a controversial topic for social activist groups on campus. According to Claudia Colbert, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, QC employs multiple levels of network security, requiring usernames and passwords to access the network. Additionally, Colbert said the network is policed using […]

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Want change? Demand privacy

From the Patriot Act and the exposure of classified government programs to the legality of compelling private companies to bypass security measures in the name of national security, the Fourth Amendment is regularly challenged for security. The debate over the right to privacy is highlighted by advancements in technology and government surveillance on minority and […]

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Why your privacy rights matter

Last month Heartbleed became a major issue not only for media outlets, but Internet users as well. Major sites like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram and Tumblr were at risk as a result of the security flaw. An April 30 poll by Pew Research Center found 39 percent of internet users “took steps to protect online […]

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