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    Professor Rachael Benavidez: Adjunct English Professor at Queens College

    Professor Benavidez got the teaching passion later than some professors. She was in marketing and editing before going to CUNY City College for Worker Education, a school which helps adults going back to school. The reason she went was simply due to her devotion to education. In the past Benavidez tutored at CUNY LaGuardia Community College, where she was an admin for first year writing. When asked why she loved to teach, Benavidez expressed that she loves to do interdisciplinary work, and enjoys studying different stories and rhetoric. “Seeing the social, political and historical context [of a story] has always interested me,” Benavidez noted. She cited one of her own…

  • Caption: Dr. William Hersh, Professor for Organic Chemistry Photo Credit: qc.cuny.edu

    Dr. William Hersh: Professor Spotlight

    From an early age, William Hersh had always been aligned with the sciences, as one might expect from a renowned organic chemist. However, the sciences are not the only endeavors he has pursued in his past. As an undergraduate student, Hersh was a part of a band and played the saxophone while touring in Europe one summer in July. He still continues to play the saxophone to this day. When speaking to Hersh about how where his interest in chemistry came from, he reflected on his time in high school. As a tenth grader, Hersh mentioned his interests in Chemistry came from his Chemistry teacher, a woman who studied geology…

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    Professor spotlight: Alicia Catalina Barrientos, Psychology

    PBy utilizing the skills and life lessons she learned from her unique background, professor Alicia Catalina Barrientos carved out a path that allows her to pursue a Ph.D. in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, conduct research, and teach – all at Queens College. Barrientos’s research in Dr. Joshua Brumberg’s laboratory focuses different topics: the early development of mammals, the somatosensory cortex, and plasticity in the mammalian brain. Early development is especially interesting to her, as it is a sensitive period when an individual is making the first contacts with the environment through absorbing sensory information and incorporating it into their nervous system in a way that makes them better adapted to…