Silk Roads

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Godwin-Ternbach Museum exhibits life on the Silk Road

Godwin-Ternbach Museum hosted a new photography exhibit called “Along the Silk Roads,” which debuted on Oct. 15. Lynn Gilbert, an artist featured in the exhibit, provided photographs from Turkey. Specifically, her pictures come from Cappadocia, Turkey, ranging from heritage sites to the interior of a 200-year-old house. She also captured the images of the working class in […]

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A new year for Queens College brings a year of Silk Roads

President Felix Matos Rodriguez addressed new students on August 26, during Welcome Day, about the “Year of” program for the upcoming academic year. “This year is the Year of the Silk Roads, which marked the different roads connecting Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We want to give you a taste of that culture,” Rodriguez said. “A fitting […]

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