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    Bridging the divide: Student Advisory Boards

    With the gradual disappearance of the Student Association on the Queens College (QC) campus, it’s imperative that now, more than ever, students remain connected to the administration. After all, if students are going to proceed through semesters of rigorous coursework, it’s only fair that there be an open line of communication between students, the faculty and the administration. One solution may be the creation and implementation of student advisory boards.  Student advisory boards are a focus group, composed of several students that actively provide input to college administrators about emerging trends on campus, issues their peers encounter whilst taking classes, and how the College can improve itself. QC currently lacks…

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    The Uphill Battle for Student Advocacy Groups at Queens College Continues

    I urge you to walk through the quad at Queens College and inquire to any who passes by: “How many student advocacy groups have a presence on campus?” Further proceed to ask about their various stand-out accomplishments and notice how even the individuals who confidently listed off names of several groups will be stumped. You may or may not be surprised to learn that the vast majority of students approached lack general knowledge surrounding the organizations that are aimed to represent them. The results are not entirely shocking, but the reasons for this are complex.  Multiple factors explain why advocacy groups fail to hold much power at a school like…

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    An Interview with Melody Paniagua, former Assistant Director of Student Development & Leadership

    “If you ask me about everything I did as a student leader, I can tell you every single detail… and the skills I’ve obtained are so essential to life,” noted Melody Paniagua, (now former) Assistant Director of Student Development & Leadership. Around Student Life, Paniagua created quite a reputation for herself in which she was revered both as a strong professional and a confidant for student leaders. Paniagua took the time to sit down with The Knight News and give a personal in-depth account of her experience as the Assistant Director of Student Development and Leadership before leaving her role.  Paniagua details her role as an administrator by explaining how…

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    SA President Carmine Couloute Says Goodbye to QC

    “Hopefully, the legacy that I’ve left behind is that nothing is impossible. If you have a dream, an event, you should be able to do it, and nobody should be able to stop you,” remarked Student Association (SA) President Carmine Couloute. Couloute, a senior majoring in political science and sociology, is set to graduate this semester. She recently took the time to reflect on her senior year, the projects she takes the most pride in and the people who helped her throughout her journey. For those who are not as familiar with the job of SA President, Couloute was happy to break it down for the readers. She explained, “Being…