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    The Uphill Battle for Student Advocacy Groups at Queens College Continues

    I urge you to walk through the quad at Queens College and inquire to any who passes by: “How many student advocacy groups have a presence on campus?” Further proceed to ask about their various stand-out accomplishments and notice how even the individuals who confidently listed off names of several groups will be stumped. You may or may not be surprised to learn that the vast majority of students approached lack general knowledge surrounding the organizations that are aimed to represent them. The results are not entirely shocking, but the reasons for this are complex.  Multiple factors explain why advocacy groups fail to hold much power at a school like…

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    QC’s Student Association VP runs for USS Vice Chair

    University Student Senate, USS, is a CUNY organization composed of a student senate that represents all students CUNY-wide. The USS is comprised of delegates, alternates and a steering committee that together represents and advocates for over 500,000 CUNY students from 24 different CUNY campuses. The USS was founded in 1972 by QC alumnus, and vice president, Jay Hershenson, with the goal of ensuring that CUNY provides an affordable, accessible and quality education.   Out of the ten positions that people are running for, only two are being contested. These include the position of vice chair of senior colleges and vice chair of fiscal affairs. One of QC’s very own, Student…