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The number of students attending CUNY schools is growing to such high numbers that CUNY officials announced enrollment this year was the highest ever recorded. This is great news, right?

More students attending CUNY means more packed classes. More students also means longer lines at the bookstore. While this all sounds promising, there is something significant about more students applying to school—an increase in school-related renovation projects.

According to the New York Post, 105 college and universities spent a combined $2 billion dollars on school maintenance and new buildings each year from 2010-2012. The number is also expected to go up another $10 billion through 2017. Going by these numbers, CUNY schools are getting a good amount of maintenance and renovations money.

According to the CUNY 2014-15 State Adopted Budget Preliminary Analysis, New York is providing $3.2 billion to CUNY schools. This sounds like a good amount for renovations and maintenance. There could not be a greater time to be a CUNY student. There is so much money being invested in our education.

For instance, at Queens college, a $2 million grant was given in order to renovate the labs in Remsen Hall.

Our campus recently experienced a lot of renovations. However, there is always someone or something that seems to be forgotten. One area of QC needing upgrades is the Fitzgerald Gym.

There are a number of issues with the gym. Let us begin with the third floor where the basketball floors are located. The main basketball court contains a hardwood floor smooth to play on. However, the several courts around them are not. These floors are slippery and not as easy to be played on.

Another aspect of the gym with problems is the Fitness Center. There always seems to a machine that is broken or does not work. Imagine going to the gym in your full gear so excited and ready to work out. However, you have to wait because all of the working machines are full. I guess it’s back to some more stretching.

In addition, there seems to be more machines than space. An expansion of the Fitness Center would benefit everyone and not make it feel like you are running hand and hand with the person next to you.

Air conditioning is a major issue throughout the entire building. Whether it is on the basketball courts, the locker rooms or the weight room, there always seems to be a lack of air conditioning. This makes these places warmer than they already are. The basketball court on the first floor where the women’s volleyball team has their home games is so hot that it seems those in attendance are also playing.

The Fitzgerald Gym is one of the many areas on campus where students can go to escape stress. It is a good place for students to burn calories or practice, but can be a perfect area with some reinvestment. The gym is not only home the QC Knights, but a home to our entire school community.

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