A victory for one is a victory for all

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The Knight News would like to congratulate the Women’s Basketball team for its ECC Championship. It is their first championship since 2009. The game came down to the wire with the team defeating the NYIT Bears 65-63.

Things were looking bleak at the end of the first half with the Lady Knights trailing by 16 points. It took a total team effort to rally back. Led by Eastern Conference Player of the Year Madison Rowland, they outscored the Bears 42-24. Madison had a double-double with 38 points and 13 rebounds. She earned the Most Valuable Player Award.

With the victory, the Knights have secured a spot in the NCAA Division II Women’s Basketball. They are the fifth seed in the East Region of the tournament. Back in 2009 the Lady Knights were eliminated in the first round. The team looks to turn this fortune around and advance deep into the bracket.

Queens College’s next game is March 13 against Stonehill College in round 64 at Adelphi University.

Athletics are a big part of the college experience. This month in particular is known as “March Madness.” It’s a time where students should be coming out in groups to cheer on their Lady Knights, yet this isn’t the case. Indeed, the lack of genuine support is puzzling considering the size of Queens College.

The reasons are plenty for this with reasons ranging from apathy to students often unaware of certain sports teams.

This is an exciting time for the women’s basketball team as they potentially could advance far into the NCAA Division II tournament. The last time they even entered into the tournament was 2009 so it is worth following their efforts.

Still, we think it is best to show solidarity with not only sports teams on campus, but clubs as well.

There is a reason why the motto of Queens College is “we learn so that we may serve.” It is because what we learn helps us in serving others through anyway. Following sports teams and offering a sense of support is just an example of that.

When we reported on the fencing team last issue, we discovered a new world full of students with stories to tell. We’re confident more student-athletes can talk to us about their unique experiences in their teams for future issues.

We’re not asking Queens College students to immediately drop everything their doing and go to every game of every team on campus. Rather, when there is a victory, like the women’s basketball recently accomplished, it is best to give support for them through any means possible.

At the end of the day we’re geared for social interactions, so why not strive to interact with some groups or teams on campus?

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