New York Mets, prevent the prophecy

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Thirty years ago, Marty McFly rode in Doc Brown’s DeLorean and began his adventure in “Back to the Future.” In the movie’s sequel, McFly travels back to this exact date, Oct. 21, to save his son. When he makes this trip, a giant screen reads “Cubs Win World Series.”

For those unaware, the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908. This season, with a young and exciting team, the Cubs can fulfill the prophecy. They can end their 107-year drought. There is just one problem—the Mets.

The city of New York is rejoicing with pitchers Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey along with third basemen David Wright, whose popularity is equivalent to Capital America, Iron Man or Superman. Flushing, itself, is rocking with the first two wins by the Mets against the Cubs.

Still, after suffering for eight seasons of no playoffs, the Mets finished their year with 90 victories and won the National League East Division. They followed by beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in a five-game series.

The Cubs have not win in over 100 years, but the Mets themselves seek to end a World Series drought. In fact, they won in 1986, a year after the first “Back to the Future.”

If the Cubs were to win the World Series, then Back to the Future II is the first to predict it over 20 years ago. However, the Mets can prevent this.

Sorry Marty.

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