Career Corner: Interview tips with Coach Diane

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Editor’s note: The Knight News introduces a new column with professional development advice for students. For each is- sue “Coach Diane” provides students with strategies and detailed tips that give students an opportunity to prepare for internships, entry level positions and beyond.

Steps to landing an interview:

Resume – Make sure you have an updated resume. It is the first introduction of you to an employer. At this point in your career, as a college student or recent graduate, your resume should be one page. Good resumes will conisist of: Education, Honors, Experience, Leadership and Skills. Add any languages you are fluent in besides English, and any other qualities that make you unique, so you can stand out!

Resume Bullet Points –Use bullets to talk about your responsibilities and accomplish- ments. For example: Accomplished X as measured by Y by doing Z.

Develop Soft Skills –Employers are looking for students with strong verbal and written communication skills, the ability to work individually, as well as part of team, critical thinking skills, leadership, professionalism and work ethic. Utilize every chance you have, including at school, to help build your skills.

Develop Technical Skills– Know how to use computer programs such as Word, Excel, VBA, PowerPoint; Computer Science majors will have other Languages, Platforms and Soft- ware as well as a GitHub.

Create a Linked-in Profile—A Linked-in profile is essential for Networking. Recruiters will look at your page.

Network—Both online and in person, with family, friends, alumni and professors. Use Linked-in as a networking tool to reach out to people you know and don’t know.

Do Your Research—If you receive a call for an inter- view, research the company thoroughly and learn as much as you can. This can be done on the Internet, reading a company’s website, news annual report, etc. Make sure to practice before you attend the interview, with friends, family, or a career counselor.

Utilize Free Resources— Visit the Office of Career Development and Internships in Frese Hall. There is a host of information and workshops available for students to use for their benefit! It is never too early nor too late to visit the career center to get help or advice on any issue you may have, or to ease your nerves before your interview.

Diane Shults is the Academ- ic Internship Director for Economics, Business and Risk Man- agement. She works with students on Professional Development and Career Education. Diane has over twenty years’ experience in Human Resources within the Fi- nancial Services industry. If you have a question for Diane, please send an email to:


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